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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Handsome Bicycles at Rapid Transit Chicago

Franny and her co-worker battling the diamond wrap

Finished Product. Nice cloth tape and TRP's New drilled brake levers with gum hoods.

Proud of their work. Looks awesome!

The Chrome store is packed wall to wall. One guy left of man with white hat with black stripe is Nick, great mechanic at Rapid Transit.

Handsome bikes have arrived at Rapid Transit,

Proud to have me offspring working at such a prestigious shop in the great city of Chicago. It is a great experience and at a very young age this is her second bicycle shop that she has worked. New bicycles from Handsome were showcased at the exclusive Chrome store in the city and Franny helped set up and do a special "Diamond" wrap on the mustache bars. The bikes looked smashing and the party/introduction of the brand was a total success. Here are some of the photos I borrowed from Rapid Transit.


Tim Ek said...

CHICAGO, what a city for bikes - AWESOME!

Eric said...

That XOXO bike looks fantastic! Great job.

Franziska@rapidtransitcycles.com said...

YO that diamond wrap was so hard but worth it. the xoxo is equivalent to riding a stick of butter on some fluffy cumulus clouds!


Philip K. Chan said...

That's just about what I want to do on my bike! Nice job on the wrap, I'm planning to attempt my own soon.

How are you liking the levers with them bars? Do you feel theres an advantage or comfort over standard levers aside from its cool looks?