Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turbo Tuesdays are again on the happening.

Gumby, T.J,B.B, Jakey La Cruz, Jellyboy

T.J loves his Pugsley so much we started calling him "Uncle Fester"

Member of the Slender Fungus

"Joe's" coffee house in St. Charles, IL.

B.B streching his Male Groin Area. Note Surly long socks, Rapha Jacket and his distaste for cheap clothing. What a snob!

Turbo Tuesday have fallen back on the routine rack since the days are getting shorter and the temps are dropping. We have had a good showing of more than a handful and the rides have been quite fun. Our newest member includes Jakey La Cruz. He was gentleman enough to carry a whole bottle of Port wine which we quenched our thirst with last night. He was also gentleman enough to carry the empty bottle for the remainder of his ride. The River Otter and Jakey kept riding so they could complete the metric they had in mind. Jelly Boy, B.B. and I called it a night around 1:30 a.m. while dose other guys kept riding. The otter was aboard his trusted Crosscheck and rode the metric turning a fixed wheel with no brakes. The night was wonderful, there was little wind and the pause at the 7/11 offered time to get some food and take a break. We will continue with these rides as far as possible.
I am also planning on a underground gravel race to take place in October. We are in planning stages so far but it will have a "Criterion" format with probably 10 laps of miserable gravel to deal with . Location, time and so forth will be discussed soon. No prizes, maybe no numbers (or make your own) and the course will not be closed to traffic,so if you have a boner to win, watch out for cars!.
The Slender Fungus Cycling association continues to grow so I wanted to update the list for now:
Ari President,Idea management.
Hellmut Board Member,Currently resides in mansion in Florida
Gumby Vice-President
B.B Secretary, idea management and I.T. specialist
T.J. Puglsey instigator and Knife specialist.
River Ottter. Provider of culture, Caravan Music and worldliness. He currently is cha-mois-less
Dr. Giggles East coast correspondent, Trans Iowa Vet, Mood Advisor.
Cookie Prime Minister, Model and style instigator.
Bald Eagle Teacher of Self Reliance and Slow Pace Setter
Bonk King Always there, always ready to ride into the ground

There will be more as I review the members for the fall. In the meantime keep riding to make this world a better place.



just in case you are bored or depressed here is a little pick me up music. N-joy


Eric said...

I was laughing out loud more than a couple times while reading this. I love the titles given to the SFCA members. Also, that Rapha jacket was on sale and the socks were a gift!!

Ari said...

Man I was sitting at the computer and it all dropped out like skat. I couldn't type fast enough.
Can we start planning the Criterion?

Jay said...

HOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYY SHIT....I honestly don't know what to say

Ari said...

The lid is just starting to come off!
Set yourself free!!!!!