Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fat is where it's at.

Left to right: Salsa Fargo, Pugsley, GT29er, Pugsley,Pugsley,Big Dummy Cargo

The road season was short lived for the Slender Fungus. We mostly end up on uneven terrain thus always needing some extra rubber below us. Our favorite bikes to ride are 29ers, Cyclocross bikes, Fatbikes (Also kwown as Snowbikes and Flotation Bikes). We also love to ride Fixed Gear bikes as the Otter can witness to that. So for the time being the skinny bikes will be stored away somewhere to gather dust once again. Now we are free to concentrate on Fat without any interruptions from the "Speed" department.
Load up those backpacks with food, thermos', a flask or two and plug in those lights and get out there and make a Caravan. Have some fun, stop and look at the stars. Listen to the Coyotes. Take some creepy photos. Dark and Fat is where it's at.


Deano said...

Hi Ari and FV. Where/when can I hook up with your group for a ride. I gather from the blog that you're in St. Charles or De Kalb area. How can I find you guys to tag along?

Ari said...

That is a noble act to contact us for a ride. Turbo Tuesdays happen at 9 pm and we gather at my house in Sycamore and then we ride to St.Charles on the Great Western trail. Today mileage turn out to be around 45-50 miles. We ride heavy bikes and have tons of fun. We will be posting a huge ride coming up around the middle of October. It will be up to 100 miles on Gravel.