Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gypsy Caravan, the greatest ride on Earth!

Surly Big Dummy, the perfect Picnic bicycle.

My good pals T.J. and the River Otter

Gumby, Slender Fungus Vice President

Our favorite traffic sign

Group riding on gravel, awesomeness and soul purifying

Shoe collection for the ride. Clockwise: Crocs, Chaco,Chaco, Specialized MTB, Skully Vans

Group riding at night. Note Werewolf's aerodynamic position.

Jakey La Cruz and B.B got warm and went topless.

Some of the muddy sections on the dirt road

Riding into the sunset. At this poitn T.J. is sporting a western hat.

B.B on G.T 29er with long socks, Mission Workshop Rucksack and no shirt

Our most photogenic mechanic

First break to work on the Llama's bike, and have some refreshments

Wifey, B.B. and T.J.

Wifey and I truly believe that Cars r Coffins

The llama, riding into a sunset of golden alfalfa fields.

B.B, Jakey la Cruz and the Otter, setting tempo

Our V.I.P. guest: The Werewolf

The llama, sporting Daisy Dukes and the new Anything cages

Start of the ride

Jakey La Cruz, leading the way on the Surly Big Dummy. He said: " I love this bike"

As you can read on Transit Interface, the Gypsy Caravan was a huge success and will be remembered for a long time. Ten of us gathered: Wifey, meself, BB, Bonk-king, T.J., River Otter, Jakey la Cruz, Dino, JellyBoy and the incredible presence of the Werewolf. We headed south aboard our trusty Bicycles. Here is a list of the riders and what they road:

Wifey: 16" Surly Big Dummy
Meself 22" Surly PUgsley
B.B 18" G.T. Single speed 29er
Bonking 20" Surly Pugsley
T.J. 18" Surly Pugsley
River Otter 18" Surly pugsley
Jakey La Cruz 18" Big Dummy
Dino Gary Fisher Rumblefish
Jelly Boy 22" Salsa Fargo
Werewolf Limited Edition, all original Surly Rat Ride
La Lllama 17.5 Salsa Cycles Mukluk, custom built

So to say the least everyone was on a NCC approved machine of mass destruction. We packed food, drink and wore comfortable, casual clothing. We rode down rte 23 and unfortunately distracted the locals until we hit the gravel roads and dissapeared into the sunset. Once we made it to the dirt we set camp and had dinner with the stars. There were sandwiches, homemade tamales, Pheasant, salads, guacamole, chips and many more tasty things. Plenty of quality brews were shared and a little container of jack vanished when the Bonk king got a hold of it. Gumby, our injured Associate, followed us with his 4x4 pickup offering sag, and his friendship. Soon enough it became dark and nobody seemed to mind. We bolted on lights and started the long journey home. We laughed and laughed some more while listening to some great Punk rock off the werewolf's stereo. We had the greatest time and I will never forget this ride. Wifey ended the day with 50 miles on a fully loaded Big Dummy.

Thanks to all of you for toeing the line and being in such a great mood. We hope to do another fun ride soon as the days are getting shorter and the temps are starting to dim.

Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Photos will be added soon as I go through them.

Check out Transit Interface Recap of the Ride:



Tomás said...

Nice circus!
Where did you leave MauMau?

Ari said...

At home to watch Giugi since he has an infection in his toe!

Tomás said...

I hope he is feeling better
Viva el Boca!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ari....below is my new email address (charliefarrow59@gmail.com) The Linkin thing I guess is legit...but I have nothing to do with it...I think Eki started it and itz linking all of his buddies.
Great pics!!!!