Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Slender Fungus rides again

Post ride hangout by the Gum Truck. Notice "skinny tired bicycles"

New secret hangout. There is absolutely no lighting at this location.

HEllmuts new "skinny tired bike"
Serrotta Legend Titanium
Sram Rival 10 speed
handbuilt wheels
ritchey stem, post, fork
Noodle bars, Lizard skins tape,King headset
Speedplay pedals, Conti Four Season Tires,
Physical Saddle
Cateye Wireless Strada Computer
One mean road Grabber

Commuting to work Via Powerline trail
There is where the poison ivy comes from
Pugsley 2010 frame
adventure fork
new Larry tires
Mr. whirly cranks,
32x22 front chainrings
12x32 rear cassette
Shimano rapidrise rear der
no front der
suntour xc pro thumbshifter
titec ti bars, control tec stem
ergon grips
control tec seatpost, crap saddle
bb 7 brakes, xt brake levers
35 lbs of muscle building steel bike

Gumby and I finally got out on the bikes to do some night riding. You see when you ride in the daytime you have to deal with the burning sun, lots more traffic, and ugly sights. At night the temps cool off, there is less cars out and you kinda blend into the landscape. Believe it or not we were out on "Road Bikes". Yes, you heard that right. Gumby was on his Full Carbonium Orbea and I was aboard the Mario Cipollini "best bike" Cannondale. I complained the whole ride as how we were not really riding and merely cheating on these bikes. I was afraid to post this since some of the DBD members up in the northern lands might read it and chastise us. Anyway, I don't know what say except that we ended up with a quick 40 mile ride. Took Rich rd all the way west to Malta went north to Old state, dodged some rain hiding in Adee Woods. and then rolled north on Malta to Kirkland then headed north on Pearl to Baseline headed east to 23 and then came back on brickville. We really missed Hellmut since he was on a special mission tonight and it is the last time he will be excused for not showing up. We will be rolling on road bikes for a short time until we get back on the "dirty" bikes, which is where the soul is.



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Jay said...

love hellmuts new ride, and love the pug set up! good work boys!