Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trans Iowa V10, 2014 Epilogue

So we made it back to the illustrious state of Illinois. 2 hours after  V10 had ended the skies opened up for good and a heavy, steady, windy rain chased us all the way back home. Gumby was driving whiteknuckle all the way as huge clouds of spray from trucks blocked his view. Despite the new tires the Durango would find a way to hydroplane. This kept Gumby on edge as he brought us closer and closer home. Jakey La Cruz and L. Perfecto were in the back seats passed out. They were like soldiers that had fought their toughtest battle. We stopped at a gas station for a rest and Ice Cream. Agatha's legs were like noodles and she needed to be guided so she wouldn't fall over. A soft serve cone brought a smile to her face.  We all arrived home fine and got some much needed rest. Then we called and emailed eachother since we amazed at what had happened. We couldn't get over it. We received lots of nice emails from dear friends. 
Almost a week later and my body, mind and heart are still adjusting to what happened during V10. It was an exceptional, amazing weekend. I was so happy to see everyone. I was so happy to meet new people. I was so happy with my crew. They voluteered, raced, suffered, laughed and cried. We hit the lowest, lowest with the bad weather and me having to U-turn shortly after the start. We carried through and came on top. I am so proud of Jay, Agatha, Jake and Derek for finishing and being so strong. 
Giggles, I dearly miss that you are so far away and I cherished the time we were together. Chad thanks for joining us and being who you are. Dave A. you put in a strong effort for being a rookie. I hope we ride again soon. 
There is so much more to say that I will share these thoughts and ideas on a ride with you. I hope this continues. I hope to be closer and see everyone more often. You are important to me. 
Thanks to my Wife Jamie, my Kids and everyone that puts up with my cycling stuff. Thanks to Guitar Ted for making all this happen. You have truly made a huge impact in our lives. Thanks again to all the wonderful volunteers, Grinnell, Iowa for providing us with the best gravel roads in the World! I am so happy, so rich, so satisfied. 
Best to all of you, 
Slender Fungus Cycling Association. 
Two mechanics that love gravel. 

The Slender Fungus 2014

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