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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back to what we used to be

Night Riding

Yeah, a long time ago Hellmut and I used to spend countless hours riding at night. Most people look at us with fright as we explain it is the best time of the day to ride. 
Last night, and many before that we have been getting out for rides that start no earlier than 9 pm. You saddle up on a sturdy bike with sturdy tires and you hit the road. In my case I have two lights, some reflective tape on my frame and a Planet bike Turbo rear light. 
We own the night since most of the population is asleep getting rested for another shift at the office. We cruise down streets that are deserted. We roll thru intersections with ease. We ride two abreast and spend endless hours chatting and joking. The miles seem to pass by flying since one cannot see computers. We don't care about zones, Watts, power or anything else. All we care about is being outside. 
This past winter was so brutal and we don't want to be cooped up anymore.  So the roads are empty, the traffic is low, the air is cleaner since there isn't as much traffic. We only wonder what's keeping you in?????

The Zoo trail is freshly paved and empty

Sheltering during a storm

Blasting down 47th street eastbound.  


Mac said...

I was coming home from Oak Brook to Oak Park after the thunderstorm on Tuesday. That was a beautiful time to be on the bike.

Tim Heckman

Fivos Andonopoulos said...

Yo Tim,
That was the night we were out also. It was really calm and car free after that storm.

gerrireggi said...

I remember....