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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, September 6, 2013

More thoughts on the Singlespeed thing.

I have been spending a lot of time on the Rivendell Quickbeam singlespeed as of late. The 42x18 gearing has become second nature at this point and is easy to turn with no effort. Revving up to get the bike to roll at 20 mph and then coasting,then coming down to about 16mph then another revving up. 
Singlespeeding is not a constant speed if you try to go fast. It gives you a chance to breath, a chance to relax. Again yesterday I took my road bike out with the gears. I felt the gears too hard and too easy. I started to wonder whether I was "unlearning" to ride a geared bike. Maybe after all these years I don't really like gears.  A moment of confusion set in. I arrived home tired with sore legs. 
I had breakfast, got dressed and hopped on the Quickbeam for the ride to work. 
It seemed calmer, easier and I was still going at a good speed. 
This experiment has me thinking a lot. I want to go for another long singlespeed ride on Sunday and keep thinking about this. It has me intrigued. 


Guitar Ted said...

Just judging by the way that you rode that single speed at the GTDRI, I would say that you have no issues at all being a single speeder!

Jake said...

Ari, any way you would be interested in riding Palos on Sunday? Derek and I were talking, sounded like it would be fun. Let me know, I am in the area for the weekend.


Ari said...

@GT. The Salsa Selma Ti has a spirit of its own. Once you get on that bike all terrain is flattened. I like it better than the ti mariachi.

Ari said...

@ Jakey
We have to take the little one out this Sunday since she was sick for labor day weekend.