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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Riding 3/24/13

As per usual I worked my second job at the restaurant on Saturday and got home around 11:30 p.m. While the girls were wrapping up SNL I started to get all my stuff ready. I wanted to get up in the middle of the night and be out the door. I had watched the weather report and it called for a pretty ugly day. Freezing temps, snow, and a 20mph wind. 
I figured that it beats riding indoors any day. So I had the bibs, wind tights, lake boots, wool socks, Patagonia baselayer, Cars R Coffins jersey, patagonia balaclava, wool hat, helmet and two pairs of gloves. I figured to give the Chili a good go. 
The phone that B.K gave me served as my alarm and I jumped out of bed at 4 am. I had coffee and two slices of toast with Butter and jam. 
I dressed quickly, grabbed the bike and I was rolling by 4:40 am. There was nobody on the road. I noticed the wind already coming out of Northeast, East. I was heading west. I pedaled the 54" gear with my new Giant Cross tires. Soon I was on Warrenville. My toes started to get numb and that annoyed me. I complained about wearing only one pair of socks. 
At 7:02 am I arrived in St. Charles and the Bonk King was already there. His other name is Mr. Dependability. We rolled on the Great Western Trail and quickly reached Zone 3.2 while trying to keep balance on some funky ice spots. The bikes were all over the place and we opted to ride the road. 
At this point these old geezers did not need any broken bones. We hopped back on the trail once we saw that it was clear. We reached Sycamore and I noticed a 45 mile mark on my computer. I quickly realized I would ride back home with a headwind all the way. I rode back about 15 miles with Bonk King and then I was on my own. I severely envied his Ford Exploder as the engine warmed up the cabin. 
I rolled and rolled. I took side roads, trails and tried to avoid the open areas. The wind would gust and bring me to a standstill. I would continue pedaling only to get stopped again by another gust. I took some gels and I drank what I thought was enough. 
About 5 miles from home I hit the wall full on. I progressively got slower and just wanted to nap under some evergreens. I hated my bike and my whole body became sore. I remembered and oasis called Starbucks. My sister in law works there and I decided to get some calories. I inhaled a grande hot chocolate and a cheese danish. 
I guickly remounted and got home. I was fried and got all crampy. I drank tons of liquid and loaded up on some pretzels to stop the cramps. I think the wind just killed me. I think riding alone killed me. I think I did not drink enough, despite it being cold, and became dehydrated. I was glad to hit the 90 mile mark on my low geared singlespeed. I did a ton of spinning and my legs felt good. I really love the Thudbuster seatpost. It took all the sting out of the bumps on the gravel. When I took my boots off my big toes were purple. Can you get frostbite in March. I guess you can. 
Now if only it would get a bit warmer. 

That would be nice, 

The Bonk King and Snot Face

The trail was challenging to say the least. 

Some parts were impassable. 


Dr. Giggles said...

Despite the crap March weather, with this ride you deposited a hard earned 90 miles into your TransIowa Savings and Loan account. Well done!

Ari said...

I was happy to have the Bonk King come with me for part of the way.
Just hanging in there, hanging in.