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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Time to get Fat

 Puma Farka Cycling Club. 
Downers Grove, IL. 

Thank God the road season is coming to a wrap and it is time to get on the wider bikes. As of late I have been enjoying my Steamroller. It is a fine machine and with some riser bars, All City Grips and a 42x15 I love riding the thing. Puma Farka was out this morning at 7 a.m. at the Bucks in D.G. and we had a great ride. Trapper and I caught a landscaping truck and rode 35mph into a headwind. I received a Cateye doublewireless and spun out at 144rpms. What a dork. 
My new Job at Hartley's Cycle in Hinsdale has been fantastic. Ken and I go back a long time and are good friends. We have great customer service and have great customers. We sell Giant, Cannondale, Eddy Merckx, Surly, Electra, Gunnar, Waterford and Bianchi. 
In the service department I have Miroslav and Snake. They have both been working with me for a very long time. 
We are starting to bring in some Fat Bikes for the fall and winter season. At about 2400 bucks the Surly MOONlander is the best fat bike out there. 
So, as the weather continues to change we will be having excursions out to Palos Hills and Waterfall Glen. I have to regain some trails that have grown over. 

make it nice, 

steamroller with the risers. Iam never going back to drops

Moonlander with mallets, Gobi saddle and Cork Ergons.

Moonlandres and my old skool Pugsley

Miroslav amazed by the enormous wheel.

Building up a moonlander

My favorite boxes arrive

Put a lower stem to get the position right.

Saw this awesome idea from customer. Put the cable in, tighten in the gear you like and then anchor it. I think I would add the barrel adjuster to fine tune it easier. Nice, really nice.


Tomi Tomate said...

Interesting, I am done with MTB style bars.
I guess we all go through phases.


Anonymous said...

We need to get in a ride. You should come up and ride with me and Jay on Sunday. If not, I may come down to see you next Sunday.

Bonk King

Eric said...

You got a MOONlander now too? That thing is awesome. Also, our friend Peter did the same thing to a derailleur on his cross check, but he included a barrel adjuster. Very clever. Why may I ask are you done with drop bars?

Ari said...

I tried different configurations on the steamroller and the short riser bars seem to be the best. I love the All City Track Grips. I can commute all week and then do the fast road ride on Sundays. I had the sucker up to 35mph at 165rpms. The short risers are great.
@ Eric. I have Not boughten a Moonlander. I have been selling them at Hartleys. One Fatso at home is enough.
Be well y'all and keep riding. Something might happen.

Guitar Ted said...

Hey Ari- Just a historical note, but that derailleur trick to make a rear mech into a single speed tensioner was something popularized by Keith Bontrager. He had an article on cheap ways to go single speed in Dirt Rag years ago that featured that trick. I'm not sure he originated that, but maybe....