Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Puma Farka experiences...........

So this past Sunday we ended up having a total of 9 riders which seems to be a large crowd. We dearly missed Trapper since he had decided to evade civilization and escaped to the driftless part of Wisconsin.
The shop continues to be busy with the back to school panic. Bikes that have been sitting in the attic for 40 years suddenly have to be tuned because Blain is grown up and going to college tomorrow. The interest in the fat bikes keeps growing and we just turned another XL to a nice man from Chicago. He could not get over how nice the moonlander rides and feels and he is optimistic it will help him become a stronger rider for next spring.
I have been riding my steamroller as I transition away from the road bike and onto the cross. Temps are starting to drop in the morning hours so soon enough it will be time for jackets and warmers. Lots of neat bikes coming out from all the companies as we hit the new season. So far I have not been really impressed by anything. I still want an All City Spacehorse and I would not mind a bitching fast Cinelli Mash to fly into Chicago with.
In the meantime I will ride my junker bikes that I have.

Make it nice,

Wifey and daughter riding the Surly Big Dummy. Yes, we do sell those wacked bikes.

No, You cannot put those "big Tires" on your G.T Avalanche. You need a specific Frame. 

Puma Farka chilling at the 7-11 in Batavia. Peter, Snake, Ricardo, Miroslav, and my bro in Pink.

Pleasure to ride with the Mesh.

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