Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

August and the summer is slipping away.

As we enter the month of August the summer heat is seeming to dwindle. Today was a wonderful day and there was plenty of sunshine and dry heat. I was not able to get on the bike because we are still trying to get the house in order to start the new school year. We are giving up hope with Xfinity and are going to try a smaller company and see how they work. As I come back to IL and move into a more "urban" area I have noticed my dislike for technology. Today I was in Costco and was amazed at the new t.v.'s that are out. They are so big, have so many features, have Wifi, HD, and I don't know what other features. I got scared for a moment and just wanted to say no to all of it. 
We have had a hard time with getting service that works at home. That is why my blogging has been so sporadic. Have we become so dependent on all this crap? Are we losing touch? There is this frantic desperation to be informed and in contact all the time and that gets me tired. 
I have pondered with the idea of letting go of this blog many a times. I have kept it going just to convey some ideas and to give cycling all the help it needs. I hope you share my idea that technology has gone nuts. I will commence to ride more, perhaps type more since I cannot figure out how to download my pictures yet. 
Tomorrow the gang will get out for our Sunday road ride to Batavia and back and I will get another chance to turn those pedals. I hope I am never forced to run an electronic shifting system on my bike. I love my cables too much. 
As many of you have read Trans Iowa 9 has been announced and the Slender Fungus will start planning this wonderful expedition to the Strade Bianche of Iowa. Thank you Guitar Ted for the extreme effort to put on another Trans Iowa for us riders. 
Giggles, Cookie and I will be there for sure. I can't wait to start going on long rides again. 

Make it nice, 

President, Slender Fungus Cycling Association. 


Chad said...

I also want to create a memory at trans de iowa, with my metal cable bicycle.

Tomi Tomate said...


I just came back from a big ride in Wisconsin (Dairyland Dare). I saw at least 5 bikes with electronic shifting, one of the Campagnolo!
People kept asking me if my Colnago was steel, like they could not believe that I rode such an antique.
sigh...I am getting old.
Good luck with coming back to civilization.

Guitar Ted said...

Hello! Thanks for the honor of your consideration of Trans Iowa. Much appreciated!

On the blog you have- If you inspire one person to ride for the obvious joy and passion for cycling that you display here, that would be worth it to blog here, no?

I encourage you to carry on in the hopes that you are doing this, (and make no mistake, you are doing it), and do not write here unless the fit takes you and you have to uncork another gem of a story or another discourse on a ride you did. I love those stories myself.

Thanks for writing.