Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Sunday went to the shop and unearthed the Shocker from the Dungeon. Went out and rode around the fields to just find a bunch of much travelled roads covered in ice. It was a small break from the Pugsley but it just didn't feel right. Very cold again, as has been all of January, and my quest for 31 of 31 is still holding true. Commute on Pugs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, also did the Slender Fungus Bonkfest ride Wednesday Night. As of late been riding with my Patagonia guide shell and alternating between a Cold Gravy Fleece and my crazy Devold wool sweater. Last night was very cold and I made a mistake to take out too much air of the rear tire. Hellmut was in time trial mode and chased him at lung butter producing effort just to ask him for his pump. He made it to RTE 47 a few seconds before me. My rear tire was at 6.3 lbs and with my weight was almost impossible to ride. I pumped it up to 11 lbs and the world was a different place. We wrangled the snow all the way back and fought the beasts on the slow roads. I arrived home with 4 hours of night riding plus my 2 hours of commute. This puts me around 484 miles for the month. Feeling good, just hoping not to catch a bug. Bike is running good, but I fear my chain. I keep thinking it is ready for the explosion. Thermos makes a waterbottle that does not freeze, specifically made for cold drinks. I have been using this bottle and carrying a 1 litre platypus collapsible bottle in my Pannier. Around Virgil I felt my legs wanting to go to Bonkfest, so I stopped , had a gel, hot SFCA liquid, beef jerky and a Tropical Banana and that got me home.
Before bed I had Toast, 1 litre of water, 2 advils (for my splitting headache), and a large salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing with a good amount of sea salt.



Chasing Hellmut last night

Our friends that groom the trail

Commuting in January

Shocker strikes again. Crego Road, great for speedskating.


Jay said...

good work my friend, im at 445 after tonights commute home...had to take 4 days off for the park tool conference, back at it and confident to do 500+ this month. February we need to get together for some SFCA rides

Ari said...

Too bad I missed the Park thing. I guess I don't spend enough time on the computer to learn about these things. I did learn that Contador lost the Tour Title. It's a lonely world out there on the snow trails.
This morning I realized I had ridden for 6 hours yesterday with a broken Chain.

Questfor31 said...

I was intrigued by your "quest for 31 of 31". My Quest for 31 is my journey to attend a pro football game in every stadium in the National Football League. I've compiled a travel guide to all 31 NFL cities on my website www.questfor31.com recommending bars, restaurants, and tailgating to other fans.

Jay said...

I saw that dude, poor cuntydor...man, better check your bike out once in a while, i gotta spray down the mariachi today and lube it up...it looks like i threw a bag of salt and mud at it. 475 miles after todays commute, will easily do 550 before the month is over, good thing the link didnt break on the trail

Anonymous said...

Bravo Old Man!!! Getting the pressure right on those clown bikes is like doing brain surgery...or so I am told. I am off to I-Falls to fight Jack Frost and various other demons from the nether world. Pray for my soul...I get chilled just writing about it. Look for good Dr. Buffington to impress.

Eric said...

bonkfest ride.