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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, January 31, 2011

End of Month Report. 556 miles

My Beloved Clown Bike

Nuvinci 360 on a new Surly Troll

Nuvinci 360 and 29er Big Apples on a Mary SS

Sunday Road ride to Genoa, IL.

Saturday Road Ride

Friday Commute

My January Calendar 556 miles,
Almost 80 hours of riding time.
Most rides on Pugsley
1 ride on Salsa Fargo
1 ride on Surly Crosscheck
1 ride on new Bike
1 ride on Shocker
7 lbs of weight loss
No colds,
No sore throats
No sickness

Commute tonight on the eve of the Blizzard

Riding home tonight, well it was more like pushing the Pugs night

Accomplished my goal of riding every day of January. It wasn't easy at times but it did help to have the Pugsley, my Moosemitts, my sorel boots and a stubborn head. Had a good Slender Fungus ride on Wednesday, had a good group ride on the new bike on Saturday, Sunday road on the road on the new bike and today fought an incoming Blizzard to get home. Walked almost 4 miles pushing the Pugsley and enter the world of Bonkfest as I arrived home. Wifey was talking to me and all I heard were strange voices. Feeling better after some salad, Two hot dogs and some tea. My friends Jason Buffington and Charlie Farrow are racing (have been since 7am this morning) and will be racing through the night to complete the Arrowhead 135. Friend Charly Tri dropped out due to his Asthma acting up with the dry air. Lance Andre is also in the lead group. Check it out.

Best, and keep riding!



Dr. Giggles said...

Outstanding work, Ari!!!!

The Slender Fungus mutants will be ready for the Beast in April and for whatever may come.

“Sure I am of this, that you have only to endure to conquer. You have only to persevere to save yourselves.”
Winston Churchill

Brian B. said...

How did you get to DeKalb over the weekend? I tried to take the bike path to Sycamore on Monday, but ended up riding on the shoulder of the road because the path hadn't been plowed. Does the Pugsley just roll over the snow? I just avoided the path completely on the way back and took Bethany to Sycamore Rd.

Ari said...

I did some riding, some walking and a whole lotta'pushing. The Pugsley has enabled me to ride on surfaces impossible to ride with any other bike, even my 26er with the studded tires. The Pugsley at 10psi just floats on stuff. Try one out!