Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hopkins Park Cross Race October 3 2010

Barry Wicks wins the Pros, Pony shop second and third. Brian Conant, takes the end of my film and is now known by local Dekalb folk as "The Devil"

Barry Wicks makes surprise showing at Hopkins Park.

Women hitting the world famous "Flyover"

Custom Built Flyover. It was a great success.

Singlespeed race. Hellmut and Sweaty Mikey representing the shop.

My friend Trapper Tom.

"The Devil" taking the 40+ then coming in 3rd in the pros. If you trained like him you could also win.

30+ With friend Rich Delgado in the foreground.

Large field were the game on Sunday. Beautiful Weather

The beast in Hiding. We did not lose any toes or fingers but 13 cases of Hernia were reported.

Good Pal and frequent visitor Chris from the shop in Geneva.

No need for any words about how great this race transpired. The weather was perfect, the mood great, the numbers amazing and everyone had a great time. We did not tear up the park and nobody got seriously hurt. The Flyover should make headlines as far as I am concerned. Now keep riding and keep in mind that the Chicago Cross Cup is still going on. Visit the races, enter one to get your feet wet. Get outdoors and enjoy this wonderful weather and the lack of those bastard mosquitoes.


My photos were shot on film with a very old Minolta. Analog.


Eric said...

Those photos look great. Nothing beats real film!

Ari said...

I think film will always have a place because you don't always want that "perfect" look as you get with digital. I still think that film photos have a great look. Cheap film from Walgreens then processed and only a disc made. about 6 bucks for 24 photos .