Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day off riding and othe stuff

The quickbeam trolling around rte23 and I-90

Ended up going to an Orchard in Northern Illinoid with the daughter and then wandered around some great roads up in the border area. Ended up on Stateline and then found a N-S road that took us right into Lake Shore Drive in Lake Geneva. Went to lunch, took a walk and then started heading home. The wife was cramming homework all day long. I was finally able to get on the bike around 730 pm and headed north on 23 all the way to I-90. 23 north of Genoa is completely repaved with shoulders (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I then made a Left on Harmony rd and took that all the way to Genoa Rd. (the one in Mchenry county, no to be confused with the Genoa road that goes to Belvedere) then I headed south into Genoa and then home on 23South, Lloyd, Brickville and then a left on 64. I was hoping to catch a metricum but was unable since the time was short and I still had stuff to do. A good, quick 40 miles on the singlespeed Quickbeam turning a 42x16 gearing. A great day, very hot during the day and then very cold at night.

The Slender Fungus ride will take place tonight instead of Wednesday since we are having the Ladies Mechanic Clinic on Wednesday the 13th.
Meet at the A. House at 830 to meet up with Chi-chard at 9pm at the trailhead. Bring your worst Bike.


Eric said...

I'll see ya at 8:30. Thanks for posting that.

Ari said...

and calling you BTW