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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day off Metricum Centurium

20 miles on this stuff

The rest on this

I made haste to make it to st. charles and back before having to get the little one off the bus. I visited my friend Frank and had some heavenly espresso and a delicious bagel with Pumpkin Spice cream cheese. I enjoyed riding my road bike despite the ugly seatclamp and my missing Chris King rear wheel. The original clamp sucks ass and will be replaced with a Salsa. The King wheel needs and overhaul and will be going to Westmont so the Billabong can give it the surgery.
Despite my exceptional mechanical skills only Billabong builds my wheels and services my Chris King stuff.
Today I lost my Mp3 player. I came home listening to Plastic Beach from Gorillaz, parked the car, threw the player in my lunch tote and later on when I went to go riding it was gone. I looked everywhere and hope that it turns up. I have been trying to concentrate more and keep organized but sometimes I lose shit and it drives me insane. More containers, more bells, and yellow flags to find stuff.
Must keep searching.


Anonymous said...

Are you still planning on doing the Flandria 100? I haven't seen any updates. My friends and I definitely want to ride it. I'll keep checking both sites. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Metricum... sounds like some Euro-porn or something.

Jay says you might be looking to unload a gorilla sized CX bike... let me know if this is true.

-Joel, MN

Ari said...

Anonymous, there has been new info posted. A sunday in November. Will give everyone time to plan.

Hope all is well. Thinking about making some room for all the new Salsas that are out. Those guys up there went ape shit. I hope to find a scratch and dent sale Ti La Cruz.

Anonymous said...

I think we will be fighting over a Ti LaCruz in our size... that would be a site!