Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday night Slender Fungus Ride

Morrie hitting the gravel

Gumby on the now rare Gary Fisher

Hanging out at some powerstation.

Night riding is the best. Too bad we can't convince more people. Maybe it's better that way.

Since Morrie will be departing back to the old continent next week we got out tonight to do a gravel grinder. We met up at the Gumby Shed and departed around 9:00 p.m. usual time. We hit some secret gravel and had a blast. Roads were absolutely dead, corn was tall and the temps had finally fallen to were it felt a bit chilly as we were warming up. Gumby was on his Gary Fisher Presidio, Morrie on the Interloc and I was riding the Surly Steamroller with a Carbon fork and low flange front hub. The combination of chunky Surly fork with a large flange hub made for a real harsh ride. I was also rolling on some old school Michelin Cross tires in green. Drivetrain was fixed and the bike rolled very well. We clocked in a decent 30 miles of gravel and the roads were very bumpy. They had been graded but nobody seems to be driving them so the chunky stuff is still on top.
The winds tonight had shifted and were coming out of the north, northwest. It was such a change to be able to feel comfortable whilst riding. I cannot wait for the cooler temps and actually I am looking foward to the winter for sure. Pugsley is riding very fine indeed and I am also contemplating whether I should also rig up a studded tire bike.

Untitled from Slender Fungus on Vimeo.

junior showing off his smooth pedal stroke.




Anonymous said...

Peddle on! Maybe time to try a little beer here and there, a nice malty Pilsner would be a great start, chased with a Claritin.

Cheers, jb

Anonymous said...

Jason and I (with the rest of the DBD) shall be at the Tuscobia race in December. Starts in Northcentral Wisconsin...check out the website (Tuscobia Ultra). It would be great to see the Slender Fungus in attendance...We could join forces to defeat the evil foreign interlopers!!
Also, the Arrowhead 135 is the stuff of legend, starts on the last Saturday of January 2011...Me big toe throbs just thinking about winter.... :)