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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Update to Flandria 100+ and Pecotonica Trail

Off Meridian rd, south of U.S. 20 facing east

Off Meridian Rd, South of US 20 facing West

West of Pecotonica town facing East. Looks Passible to me. What do you think?

First of all there is an update to the Flandria 100+ blog. you can check it out by the "blogs I read"or by clicking on the image on the right column.

I am scouting out the Pecotonica trail for investigation and discovery in the fall once the mosquitoes die down or get their bellies full of blood whichever comes first.

The Pecotonica trail can be seen just south of US 20 off of Meridian Rd. It is on the west side of Meridian as you cross over the bridge. BTW the bridge is out so you have to go west and come back down on US 20. and exit meridian going southbound. I don't know why I obsess over things so much but it has been stuck in my mind that I want to bushwack from Rockford all the way to Freeport and then perhaps have a ride back . I can see doing this in thick pants, thick shirt and workgloves because it is going to be a bloody mess. Bike of choice would be a 29er that you don't keep on a pedestal. Is anyone game????
The Pecotonica trail was supposed to receive 5 million dollars from the wonderous and progressive state of Illinois to open up the trail, build ammenities so the fine citizens of Illinois and neighboring states could enjoy the open prairies and fresh air. Com Ed, fine providers of cheap energy, had bought the strip of land from one of the rail ways and had planted high voltage cables. Underneath the humming wires were supposed to be a smooth, flat trail for Hikers, Bikers and Skiers in the winter. Thanks to our fearless and greedy leaders the money never came and the trail is at a stanstill and the weeds are out of control with all the rain we have received. I have this dream of getting enough offroaders to use it so it stays open before the weeds turn into trees and the raspberry and blackberry bushes make it impassible.
Check out the photos depicting the current conditions. Hurray for our Illinois Government !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1 comment:

Emily said...

Uhhg... I don't believe the mosquito is EVER quenched.

If you decide to carry out your obsession, I'd hunt down a machete or something and lend a hand.