Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday Cannondale, Crawfish and Tanq+Tonics

Giugi and Mauri chiling by the bonfire

My Son Mauri and I

Everyone had a blast.

crawfish and jumbo shrimp imported from Louisiana

This man graced us with banjo and song

Music and a bonfire that wouldnt start. But we got it going

Miss Jenny and Giaco

Blake and his wife Miss Jenny

first serving. Hot, Hot and Spicy!!

cooking grounds for the crawfish boil

my buddy Blake and I

a storm that was behind me

cheater bike in Kms mode

In a strange turn of events Gumby and I woke up early to make the Saturday morning (7:30 a.m. !!!) ride. We met with two other dubious characters and got out on the cheater bikes. We quickly warmed up and in no time the cheater bikes were cruising at around 20mph. I was weird turning the pedals and going so fast, with no sliding or dust coming up. I enjoyed the morning and the company. After work I also rode down to Hinckley, IL to my mom-in-laws house. I cruised there with Gumby since he had to deliver a stuffed animal and other excuses. My good friend Blake had flown in from Louisiana to do up a Crawfish, Jumbo Shrimp, King Crab boil and to cook up some amazing Jambalaya. We ate , drank and had some bonfire fun before getting home really late. I was really happy to see Blake, his wonderful wife, the family, not have to work Saturday night and to hang out with my boy that came to visit from Germany. I was also able to clock in 90kms total on the cheater bike.

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Dude. That's the best.

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