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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trans Iowa is just around the corner.

Went for a good spin last night. Left the house around 10 pm and rode for 2 hours. I went and did Aldrich hill 5 times and then headed back to Sycamore. The legs are feeling good and the hills are becoming easier. I have managed to do all the training this year and so far, knock on wood, I have stayed healthy. The wife has fed me lots of vegetarian foods, lots of green smoothies. I have stayed away from beer for 4 months, have had ice cream a couple times and have eliminated junk food from my diet.
I will also be attending T.I. 30 lbs lighter than last year. To be exact I was almost 260 lbs last year and now weighing in at 230. Still 3 weeks to go so I will drop so more baggage until then .
I am working on bike issues, postion and I truly regret that my 20 year old Selle San Marco Rolls broke a rail. I bought the same exact saddle but have not succeeded in breaking it in. Luckily I have another old one I will use for the race.
I will be racing on Schwalbe Extreme tires in a 37-622 format. They are folding, grippy, flashy and pricey. They are worth the money and they will work just fine.
Lights will be offered by Dinotte lighting. Made in U.S.A. One headlamp on bars one on helmet, all powered by powerex rechargeables.
One small red blinker. Maybe something sexy from Knog.
Waterbottles will be Zefal magnums which hold 32oz. Almost like the fashionable Nalgene bottles, pre BPA.
Gearing will by 45x34x11x34. Low gears, spinning, spinning .
Hydration will be Carbo-rocket, perpetuem for food, and heed, for a change.
April 1st I will be kicking it into hight gear and then tapering the week before.

Wednesday Night ride
8:30 p.m.
Great Western Trail head
corner of old state rd and airport rd.
Come by if you like.

best to all,

thanks for reading my boring posts



Anonymous said...

You are good to go....start tapering NOW!!!! So to have fresh legs....You are not a teenager any more...You are ready

Jay said...

Might be getting you two of those rolls.....

jp said...

Your posts aren't boring. It is fun to read about other riders training and plans. Good luck and stay healthy! :) JP

Ari said...

Jay I tried breaking in the new Rolls with no success. I ended up irritating my plumbing area bad. So I took the old rolls off the gunnar 29er and will use that one. thanks for looking out for me.