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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Pain of Decisions

Nitto Noodle Bar, Dura Ace Brake lever, Salsa Tape, Dinotte Light, Planet bike Superflash 2Watts, Nitto Stem, Cateye Microwireless Computer. Still need a cuesheet holder and the Mountain feedbag that will go in the corner of bars and stem.

So for the past months I have been throwing ideas around my head for the big upcoming event. I Still have not decided on a bike and sometimes I wish I just owned one bike. I get convinced on one big then switch to the other one and then run around in circles and lose a lot of sleep. I feel like I have invested a lot of time in this preparation and don't feel like making stupid mistakes. I will continue to monitor the weather and that will dictate the bike, the tires and some other choices.
I have lowered the gearing on my Gunnar Crosshairs. By lowering the front from a 50x34 to a 45x34 I am able to run an 11x34 in back instead of the overgeared 11x26. The low gear of 34x34 will allow me to "spin" up the hills instead of muscling up them like last year. I really dug deep and gave myself cramps in places I did not think cramped up. How about under your shoulder Blades??
I will also be running the Dinotte Light most likely on my handlebar paired with a Planet Bike Superflash 2w model. I do want a helmet light to be able to see where the handlebar mount does not cover, be able to read cue sheets in the dark, do repairs (i hope not) and see street signs and follow chasing dogs teeth in the dark.
I will be riding the Look Quartz pedals since I am slowly growing out of the SPD's. Not enough rotation, lateral and float. I never had problems with shimanos but I want to ride for many more years.
This year will be going with more wool and less polyester, vegetarian jerky, better hydration, no rack , no trunk bag, lighter camera, lighter mp3 player.
Still deciding on tires. Here are some considerations:
Ritchey speedmax 700x32
continental Cyclocross 700x35
Schwalbe Marathon Extreme
Still figuring out nutrition, hydration, cue sheet holder. Open to suggestions.

Tomorrow we ride again and spend more hours thinking of setups.


Anonymous said...

I too am laying awake at night thinking about options...I loath my camelbak, but wonder if going with just bottles would be a mistake. I think I could carry five bottles? Of w/o the camelbak I'd need to find other ways to carry extra tubes, jacket, etc...Last year my camelbak was uncomfortable...what to do???

M. Scle said...

The organization of the Napa Valley marathon is awesome, we took a yellow school bus from the arrival hotels in Napa at 05:00 am (ouch) to be an hour before the start at the beginning of the route. As I read everywhere, I drunk lots of water one hour before to hydrate my body and also took some bananas and cereals, nothing else apart from a coffee. Had my pockets full of the Gu energy gel and the anti-cramps caps, ready to go. I was surprised to hear everyone sing the American anthem before the race started, we don't sing the Marseillaise in France before such events, only large Football matches but it was pretty cool to see everyone singing.

Tim Ek said...

Ari, I train on the speedmax and raced them last year in the Rag and the Trans. I flatted in both races and have flatted a ton this year training on them. I've had it with the speedmax! They're very good when they are new, except in last year's Rag when I flatted on the first ride with them, but when they wear in they are pone to go down. Just my opinion, maybe others have had better luch with them.

Ari said...

I have to give the Continental Cyclocross Speeds a try. they seem to be good tires. The speedmaxs roll nice but are prone to flats since they are so thin, hence the suppleness. I really don't like messing around with flats during something like T.I.
the camelbak is the endurance riders Cross to carry. What about the Wingnut bags that carrry on the hip area. Marty Larson carries them at Prairie Peddler. Will give him a call soon.

Dr. Giggles said...

No Camelbak needed if, similar to TIV4 and TIV5, towns/convenience stores are located at 40-60 mile intervals along the TIV6 course. Ride as light as possible. The Conti Cross Speed tire is an excellent choice--tread pattern reminds me of the Challenge Grifos XS. I am riding the Fargo with 700x35 Marathon Extreme, a small saddle bag, Epic Design Gas Tank and medium frame bag. No front or rear racks. Four 750-mL bottles-2 on frame and 2 on fork. See you guys in 40 days!

Ari said...

Problem arises when bike has only two bottle mounts. I have found the ZEfal magnum bottles that hold 32oz of liquid. Two of those paired with perhaps a platapus bladder somewhere in frame bag or in jersey pocket.

J-No said...

I have been running the Speedmax as well. They seem to run narrow. The 40c Speedmax is more like another brand's 35c. How do the Marathon Extreme measure up?

I commute with a Wingnut, they are much more comfortable than a Camelbak. I may use it for TI.


Ari said...

Giggles will be receiving and reviewing the Schwalbe Extremes soon. I hope to reeive some photos and a write up to post on this here blog thing.

EXPO Racing said...

New wheelset and new cockpit. Going with Riser bars. Must throw it together quick to get some miles on it.

Now you have me rethinking tires...

I don't know what is more fun, rethinking Bike/Nutrition Set-up or Riding solo in the middle of Iowa while thanking yourself you got the set-up right?

Ari said...

120 miles on Sunday on the Speedmaxes and Hellmut road the Continental Speed Kings on his Gunnar. No mechanicals,no flats. Still thinking about water, food, clothing and other things. Expo, post a pix of your setup. thanks to all of you for commenting. This helps

EXPO Racing said...

At least another week before a completed bike pic. Parts are on order.

I am super excited to get the White Eno Disc rear hub mixed with Eno freewheel... Never had a White before.

Can't wait for TI!!!!!