Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30th !?!???!?!!!

Jamie taking in some water

Big Dork with Shades
Without much thinking we got dressed and headed outside. IT was really foggy last night so all the landscape was covered in white frost. WE both rode singlespeeds and liked the fact of not having to worry about shifting. It was cold and windy and we just wanted to pedal. WE clocked in about 25 miles and we were happy with that. This year went by in a flash and I am still trying to figure out what happened. My head is spinning. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and if you need bike work done over the winter I have time.
All the best,

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day, 2007

The weather broke after dealing with snow, fog, severe winds and ice storms. We opted to go outside and ride instead of hitting the rollers and the windtrainer. Rode about 15 miles in a east-west direction to avoid the heavy wind out of the south. We felt great to be out and see and feel the sun. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Fewer gifts this year, more talk of financial woes. I hope 08 is better.


Ari and Jamie

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday day off ride

I with retro Rudy's and what seems moustache

Old State Rd.

A flock of sheep running from the Greek dude

The warm, cozy, sunny Midwest

Quickbeam felt like a 10 lbs bike today

I was glad the temps were up and I got a chance to ride without the monster bike. Wind was terrible and it was a real hard earned 30 miles.
Tea and bed,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Ride

Did not think at all. I knew I had to get out and do a 2 hour ride. It was really hard. Was on the Schwinn with the studded tires. Hit some country gravel roads that were completely covered. I almost wished I had more agressive studs on the tires. Very tiring type of riding and going up any hill just pegged my HR. Got home with a frozen nose and completely sweated. Lake Boots are a must. Moose Mitts are a must. Rest of afternoon will chill out at the inlaws.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flandria Comes Alive!

After months of working and stressing I have finally finished my workbench. Bill was gracious to lend me his stud finder, I retrieved my circular saw from my brothers and got the job done. Used 1x2 wood against the wall and then opted for the 1/4" holed pegboard since I had a lot of hooks from the old one. I cannot work out of a tool box and I am really happy to have my workspace again. I want to build a shelf for the top to store bins and to the right I would like to find a really tall Metro shelf to keep all parts and such on there. Will be upgrading Ricardo's bike soon and building a singlespeed Crosscheck for Ryan. Today was really crappy outside and opted not to ride. I still have the urge and might get out on the studded Schwinn.

I am staying away from the stores,


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Chiorda Folding Bike

Found this one in the deep,deep corner of a moldy, wet cellar. Cleaned it for hours and scoured it with steel wool. The brand is Chiorda and it is a old italian bike. They made a high end road bike ridden by the famous Felice Gimondi. The company was later bought out by Bianchi who also bought out the Famous Legnano. The folding bike is soo cool. Quick release handlebars and seatpost. The frame folds in half and fits in the trunk of my 1.6L Nissan walnut with 4 wheels car. IF said Nissan breaks down, out comes the Chiorda and I ride home or for help. When I lived in Argentina there were many of these folding bikes and as kids we all rode them. Despite all the cool bikes I have I still have a love affair with clunkers and old bikes. This spring we are planning an old bike ride with the family. Keep your eyes peeled for old italian bikes since some of these companies are obsolete and very historical. Treks and Giant will never be cool vintage.........Sorry.
Ice go away!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rene Herse

One of the greatest bicycle builders of France and the world. While the Fixed gear trends slowly fizzles away the more practical, efficient Rando style bike makes a strong entrance. I hope more people ride in 2008. If you are iced in check out the following website.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Riding in The Tundra

Aldrich Road, some clearing

Schwinn Mirada Monster Bike

Aldrich in full ice, max heart rate

Took the Schwinn that was laying in the garbage and brought it in. Had it in the back room and every day I took a look at it wondering what I would do with it. I finally decided to use up the 700x40+ studded tires and make a monster bike that would handle the ice and snow. Front wheel is an ultegra, rear Phil track with a 18t freewheel. Chainring in front is 38 tooth. All the rest of the parts are shit. Rear end of frame is for 26"wheels and front fork is 700C. Had to use some weinmann centerpull brakes in back and cantis in front. Bike was great and I was able to ride for a solid 2 hrs out in the Tundra. Here is a breakdown of what I wore.
Patagonia face mask
Turtle fur neck gator
Mountain wear windstopper hat
patagonia expedition undershirt
Hincapie Tour Jacket with windstopper
Hincapie Leg warmers
bib shorts
wool liner gloves
Outdoor Research Snow Mittens
Oakley Oil Drum Glasses
Liner socks
Produce bag (vapor barrier)
thin wool sock
Lake Boots
Creative Stone mp3 player
Surly flask with Metaxa
Air pump
Repair Kit
No helmet.
Could have had one more layer, like a jersey . Hands were warm, feet tolerable, Nose a bit cold , legs were good. Riding out in the fields is dangerous and it is very easy to catch frostbite.
Tonight I hope to hit the rollers for 30".
Do something,

Monday, December 3, 2007

ANT bikes

Check out the link on the side for some good looking, practical bikes. Ant bikes supplies the double plate crown for my porteur fork. Buy American damn it!