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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, June 8, 2018

Single-speeding back to normality

For a long time I have been a fan of the Singlespeed bicycle. I love the simplicity and somehow I think the rear end of the bike is lighter and it accelerates quicker. That's just me probably. I have messed around a lot of the years with gear ratios. They are different depending on what you want to do, what type of bike it is, what time of year it is and the level of fitness you have. Are you interested in climbing hills, covering terrain quickly?? So it is nice to have a tote, box where you can have all your cogs, freewheels, chainrings, lockrings and chainring bolts. That makes changing stuff a lot easier. 
Lately I have been spending time on the Salsa Ti Selma. That bike is running 34x18 and I used it to do general riding, and perhaps getting into Palos with the singletrack. My Ruffian has a 34x16 with discontinued Ragley Luxy Bars. That bike is for covering distance. Both bikes are running 29x2.1-2.2 tires. On the road I run 40psi. 
After dealing with an injured hip the MTBs have helped stay more upright and take the strain on those hip flexors away. Fitness is coming back syrupy slow. I mean slow, slow. 
This morning I also updated my All City Nature Boy disc with 39x18 with Michelin Jet tires. I will be trying out the Ritchey VentureMax handlebars also. 
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This guy caught a couple of fishes while I was observing him. 

Abandoned house in Du Page County. I would live there. 

Water Fall Glen is always good. 9.5 miles for a loop of Gravel. 

Probably coming out to lay eggs. I was impressed by those claws. 

Waterfall Glenn

My most excellent Gunnar Ruffian. 

Friday morning rain. Perfect for ruining a pre-work Ride.  

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