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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Post Trans Iowa V10 Post

I would like to thank Guitar Ted for all the hard work that went into a magnificent Trans Iowa V10. I would also like to thank the Volunteers, The Grinnell Steakhouse, All the hotels that housed us, the town of Grinell, our friends, our families. The course was amazing, the wind ferocious and the 19 people that finished all those miles complete Heros. Thank you Slender Fungus crew for all the work you did. Thank you T.J., Bonk King, Gumby for helping out in the event. Thank you Blue Demon, A.G, Jakey La Cruz, Dr. Giggles for riding like you did.
Pictures and photos will follow once we get back in order. In the meantime I hope you have a great one. 
Slender Fungus Cycling Association. 


jkruse said...

really looking forward to seeing some of those photos from the finish line. hope to be able to find the pictures dr giggles and jeremy kershaw were taking as well.

Ari said...

Jakey here is a good one.

Guitar Ted said...

Thanks to all the Slender Fungus for helping to make Trans Iowa V10 one for the ages.

A special shout out to you Ari for spending the entire night with me Saturday/Sunday in the truck which really helped me out tremendously. plus it was just so fun to spend time with you. Thank you dear friend!

Ari said...

@ G.T.
We finally got time to spend together and get to chat. It was one of the best experiences ever. Roaming around the back roads of Iowa thru the night. Hearing the roar of the exhaust, the bigger gravel rocks hitting the truck, the constant buzz and noises from the Cell phone, the lightning show.
What a surreal experience.
I will never forget that.

Guitar Ted said...

I won't forget it either, Ari.

We still need to get together to ride as well.....

Pete said...

I rode about 200 miles with Jake and Agatha. I couldn't be happier that they finished. Those two are class acts. Wise and tough beyond their years.

gerrireggi said...

Hi Ari and the other two of you to pick me up with your car.

I think I´d get to bed earlier going by bike to Grinnell but I ´d missed the interesting, crasy , ride with you and later on with GT.
We had so much fun- otherwise I´d feel asleep emidiatly...
Thanks for the rum, too!

watch out for my report on my blog:

bests Gerald from Germany

Guitar Ted said...

Gerald- It was a fantastic thing that we should have been stuck together in a truck going to Grinnell, otherwise i would have never gotten to know you at all. So- I am sorry for your ride being cut short, but it provided a great opportunity for me to have a chance to speak with you.

Thank you very much for coming to Trans Iowa!!

Anonymous said...


You were an amazing riding partner to have through the night. The three of us seemed to have identical mindsets about how to tackle the challenge. I was so bummed when I heard about your derailer!

Anyway, I feel fortunate to have stuck together and you will forever be in my mind when I think of Trans Iowa.


gerrireggi said...

Hi GT, Hi Ari and others,

in Germany we used to say: "Ich habe einen Koffer in Berlin!- So, now I have a suitcase in Iowa!!

you know?