Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Happenings.

It sure was nice to ride the Death Ride. It was an amazing time and I really enjoyed meself. I think about that day as I stand at my work station and tune up department store bikes, fix flats and trouble shoot creaky carbon road bikes. I have tried, with little succcess, to stay away from my gravel bikes. 
You see I have a nice collection of road bikes that have been gathering dust. So for a little while I have been stretching out the legs on my Surly Steamroller and My Rivendell Heron. 
The guys at the shop and I are trying to meet up on Tuesday Mornings and Sunday Mornings. The rides are fast and they really shake up the legs. 
So, the next ride that Dereek Von Weider and I are thinking about is a long assault road ride. We are thinking of a 200 mile range all done in a day. Probably leaving my house at dark thirty in the morning and riding all day.
more to come as things solidify. 

We visited this single room school and learned  quite a bit on how things functioned back then. 

Night rides are so enjoyable in the summer. 

Sunday road ride

Sunday road ride. 

Our container garden. 

Light pollution. 

It never gets dark where we live. 

Flowers on EPO. 

Sitting outside until late. 

I rode this 29er cruiser around the garden center in Walmart.
Not bad. 

Dereek Von Weider dressed as a roadie. 

My co-workers Mikey and Snake

The girls burning some wood. 

Some of these toys still amaze me. 

Night photos. 

My Trans Iowa rig hanging out alone. 

Soon, soon it will be gravel time again. 

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