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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Here is the link to Guitar Ted's Blog regarding the Death Ride which will take place on July 14th, 2013 at 5:00 a.m. Sharp,Sharp,Sharp. The ride will start at the Jackson County Visitor Center located on the intersection of Rte 64 and rte 52. 
Here is the Link:

Below I will point out some stuff that I was thinking of:
1) Be there on time. Ride starts at 5:00 a.m.
2) This is a self supported ride. You are on your own.
3) We will have cues and this is a no drop ride. 
4) It is not a race. Don't even try it. 
5) You must wear a helmet because we are not bringing a spatula to scrap up brain. 
6) It will be hot and sunny. That means bring water, and protection from the sun if you tend to burn. 
7) Lube your crotch cause Dereek and I have hamburger butt already. 
8) Bring food, supplies, tools, tubes, anything you might need. 
9) If you need to bail have a plan to get back to your car.
10) Sabula and Bellevue have camping. Super 8 is in Savanna, IL. 
11) Water will be possible in Miles,Preston, Maquoketa,La motte, St Donatus, Bellevue.
12) You will need to bring a light to see where you are going and a rear blinker. The ride will start in the dark. At dusk you will need lights too. 
13) Bring photographic devices to take lots of pictures.

I cannot think of anything else right now. Please let Guitar Ted and I know who is coming. We are still wanting to get numbers. 
Below is the list that I think will be:
1)Guitar Ted
2)Steve Fuller 
3)Ricardo S. 
5)Dereek Von Weider
6)Jakey La Cruz
9)Agatha G. 
10)Mauricio Babilonia
12) Bonk King
13) The Llama
14) Brett Beebe
15) Craig
16) Josh Lederman
17) Grant Foster 
18) Iowa Gravel
19) B.B. 
20) Ross
21) Todd Saunders
22) Charles Showwalter
23) Kurt Stephens
24) Doc Chris P.
25) Lance Andre
26) Mike Feller

Please let me know  if you want to be added to the list. 
Ari and the Slender Fungus 
I miss the Otter and will think of him at the ride.
He moved to Atlanta and has been wreaking Havoc since. Otter, We love you.


Mauricio Babilonia said...

Please add Todd Saunders to Grant and I for a total of three Madwizzers. Thank you, and can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Please add Charles Showalter to the list.

Ari said...

Thanks and I will add you guys on there.

Steve Fuller said...

Just verifying that I am still going to be there. This is going to be an awesome ride.

Steve Fuller said...

FYI - Both hotels in Savannah are full. Campsite in Sabula is first come, first served.

Guitar Ted said...

Ari: It sounds as if Lance andre is going to show up on his fat bike.

Michael Feller said...

I would like to ride with you guys. I just called Mississippi Palisades State Park and they said there are plenty of campsites available.

Steve Fuller said...

Michael, I am going to try for a spot in Saubula on Saturday afternoon, but I may hit MP if I can't find anything. I did get a room at the Super 8 for Sunday night, but it was a bit on the pricey side. Will have to decide if I want to tent it or not Sunday night.

Steve Fuller said...

Thank you for all of the work in getting this year's Death Ride planned out. You really put the Death in it this year. :)

Tiara said...