Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

When all you need is a Bike

So the weather is changing and with it the feeling that the miles must commence to pile up for the beast of spring. I am getting my fleet ready and I have finally had the time to give my Surly Crosscheck another morphing. I wanted a bike I can hop on and go for a long ride. I decided to go the singlespeed route for simplicity and to force me to jam up any hill I could find. I am on plan to start my "official" season on October 1st and with that I will also be announcing some rides and outings organized by the Slender Fungus Cycling Association. The road season is quickly vanishing and up comes the gravel, dirt and snow.
This morning woke up to a brisk 50 degree with fresh wind. Time to start digging out the warmers, vests and some woolies.
On another note the Cyclocross season in Chicagoland will start with Jackson Park, Chicago as the first race. We will be attending a few of the closer races to cheer on and hang out with friends.
At the shop we are preparing for Mountain bikes, Cross bikes and have already sold a half dozen Moonlanders. We are still getting repairs in since many people did not ride during July because of the excessive heat. I hope y'all have a great weekend and as always thanks for checking in. It is much appreciated. Send a comment if you are interested in riding on Sunday.

make it nice,


singlespeed crosscheck 42x18 gearing. Square taper bb with ultegra cranks. Rav-x seat. This is a long-hauler.

Cane Creek 110 headset, Thomson stem, riser bars

Surly singleator kit, Surly Cog, Rohloff chain, XTR hubs on Mavi A719 rims

Old school Marinovativ v-brakes later switched out to Deore

Lots o' clearance on the crosscheck despite the Speedmaxs in 700x40mm


Anonymous said...

Ahh the Dirty Sanchez v2. Was thinking of you wed. night. Two hours for a 5 mile hike a bike pugs style. I think T.J. hates me now. See you soon.


jkruse said...

Ari, I will be riding from brookfield to dekalb tomorrow, probably leaving around noon. Its fine if that time doesn't work for you but If you'd like to try to meet up and head west with me for a bit lemme know

-jakey la cruz

Anonymous said...

Come ride with me, Jay, and Bob tomorrow morning. Let's take out the single speeds! Head out to Crystal Lake.

Bonk King

Guitar Ted said...

29 yetyuroreiratu 2jaMarinovativ "Cheap Trick" brakes? I always wanted a st because I love Cheap Trick, (the band), and well....you know that Cheap Trick came out of Rockford IL, not far away from you? Yeah.

Guitar Ted said...

Dang! Your comment filter thingie got me all screwed up. Sorry!