Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just some silly stuff

Boy my vision has gone to crap. I can't wait for the smart T.V.s to get cheaper so I don't have to type with a magnifier glass in one hand. The Shop where I work has been gangbusters for a long time. Even when it is rainy we are busy. So I am very happy to have the fridge and the espresso machine handy at all times. I truly want to start increasing my mileage and I think when it cools off that will start to happen. Early Sunday morning rides will be the norm and I will start keeping mileage charts starting September 15th.
The Slender Fungus will be preparing some kind of ride in October and I will post it here and no where else. I have in mind a hard ride with little fanfare and no room for posers. There will be plenty of food to buy at gas stations and cue sheets will be primitive, maybe even analog.
That is what is brewing in the headquarters. Cookie, Dr. Giggles and I will start preparing for the She Devil known as Trans Iowa. The event will take place on the last weekend of April of next year.
As always, the Slender Fungus will attend, race and support the greatest one day classic offered in America. There is no harder race than this and if you think you are a toughie come on over with your shiny gravel racer bike and partake.
On a gentler subject. I think that fatter cross tires have to come out. I have been toying with the 40mm family and I think maybe because of my largeness they are a better option. I expect more of such mutant tires to come out. My Black Mountain Cycles frame has tons of clearance with the 35s.
If you have any ideas or rides in mind let me know. I need to ride with T.J, Gumby and B.B.
Where the heck are you guys????

All material trademark of the Slender Fungus Cycling Association.

BK built this bike for me so I can go really fast on Gravel. I crashed twice trying to get the bottles out.

This Slender Fungus member is lost somewhere between N.Y and Vermont. The stupid grin says it all.

Prototype Salsa Cycles Warbird in get this::::  STEEL. Wow! How does it ride? Like Steel. Is it heavy? No, it is lighter than carbon. Is it flexy? No, it is stiff as hell so it can break your behind. Is is available? No, already sold out and you will never be able to purchase one.

The Erie canal in N.Y. I reall liked riding on the mind numbing straightness.

When my daughter becomes a rockstar she will use this picture for her album cover. This photos is what the Slender Fungus is all about.

Buy local, and boycott the big box stores. There still is hope. While you are at it also support your Local Bike Shop.

That's all I had to say tonight.
B.K I really miss you.


F. Brian Hidy said...

Dude, you are missed here as well. Sounds like the new/old shop is a good situation for you, hope all else is well with you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Ari!!!! I miss you!!


Anonymous said...

Ari I miss you too!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I miss the shop!!!!! Ari keep it together my friend! I have Reveal the Path for you...Call me