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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Old, Old School

Been thinking a lot about the old days at Bicycle Specialties in Downers Grove, IL. 
What a lot of fun and comraderie we had at the store. We loved bikes, we loved riding, we loved drinking coffee and having lunch together. A lot of Bike shops these-a-days don't have that passion, that fire, that desire to burn up the road or trail before work.  Twenty plus long years have gone by since those days and I am still deep friends with my ex co-workers. We never disbanded. We stayed friends forever. So I have found some old images that were on "real" photographic paper and have scanned them with a throw away printer, scanner, faxer device that I found. The quality isn't there but you can feel the image.  
I will never forget those days. They were the best. I will scan more of them in the future.

from front to back: Skeeter, C.B.,J.G., McCracken,R.G., Ari, Ricanator

J.G had come to see us and we all went on a really long ride. Tomas joined in on the ride and him and I rode our butts off all the way to Galena, IL.

J.G and I once went on a long one from Downer Grove, IL all the way to Savanna, IL and back the next day.

J.G and I on our way to the Miss. River. Taking a break in Kaneville, IL.


Jeff G said...

I wholeheartedly agree. Those were pretty special times with a great group of unique yet strangely likeminded individuals. I feel honored to have been a part of those times together and reminisce quite often upon them. I think most of us still ride?

Anonymous said...

That was the longest ride I had done at that time and...wait..it is still the longest ride I have done!
Good times, good rides, good bikes and good company.
I still ride, albeit not with the freedom of those times.
Thanks for the memory lane pictures Ari.


Ari said...

You guys will always be in my heart. When I get back to IL. I will attempt that ride again. I will have to ride down to Echo Ln. and start from there at 4 a.m. I can't go fast anymore but I can go long. Tomas, I will be in Westmont again and hope to see you after this short absence.

Ari said...
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Anonymous said...

Not enough space on this page for all the goofball goodness that came of that period. You guys "popped my cherry", so to speak. The crew still lives. I'm an industry lifer because of it. A reunion of sorts would be nice one of these years...