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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wide Bike Riding

Going up hill on the 32x32 gear

Fat bikes belong on the road too!!!

Getting fitter, still 40 lbs from my goal.

A wonderful day on the fat bike.

Wife at the bottom of US 20 and Oran-Delphi road.

The picture does no justice. I bombed this hill at 47mph on the Pugsley.

Heading east on US 20, heading towards Cazenovia, N.Y.

Yeah, this day was awesome. 

Had the joy to get out with the wife on a most splendid day. Yesterday was hot and sticky, then it stormed and now we are enjoying some beautiful fresh air from our Canadian neighbors. I was out on the Pugsley and the wife on her Bleriot. We did our usual 10mile climb then took US 20 downhill to Oran-Delphi road then came back into town via 92. The Pugsley with 30lbs of pressure was a joy to ride and I did hit 47mph going down 20. The sun was out, the scenery outstanding and the company great. Fat bikes are not only for the snow but correcting the pressure they can be used on a wide array of surfaces. For snow at around 10 lbs or less according to your weight. I had them maxed out at 30lbs for the road. I would be interested in using a pair of the new slicks that they have.

Good luck to all of you preparing for the Dirty Kanza 200. Our dear friend the Llama will be out there sweating buckets as he attempts to conquer the heat and the gravel of Kansas. Good luck buddy and I hope you have a blast down there.



Anonymous said...

¿Qué es ésto del Euskatel Euskadi?
¿Tienen maillots que hacen juego?

Me alegro de leer tu blog otra vez.

Recuerdos a todos,


Ari said...

Esos Maillots fueron regalos de John Whalen hace tiempo ya. El del Banesto que tengo ya no me queda. Talvez cuando rebaje unas 40 lbs lo pueda usar de nuevo.
Ya venimos hacia Westmont para fin de Junio. Nos veremos de nuevo y tal vez tengamos que planear una larga salida en bici.

Chad said...

Good news, Emporia has an expected high of 84f on June 2nd. Weather will be the easy part.

TJ is riding the smooth Black Floyds on his Pugsley now, he LOVES them.

Those roads are beautiful, and 47mph scares me.


Ari said...

That is the same weather report we had last year and the day of the event it went up to 98 degrees. There was no indication of rain and then we got a brutal thunderstorm.
be prepared.

Tim said...

Black floyds are awesome. Really good fat gravel/road tire. Did the gravel metric on them. Was able to keep up with Lee and the bonk king on their fatbikes.