Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, April 8, 2011

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Just in case you are interested this will be my bike that I will ride Trans Iowa on . I am awaiting a thomson Setback Seatpost in Silver and have already obtained the White Rolls. Will be running new xtr wheels outfitted with Schwalbe Marathon Extremes in 700x35c with Challenge Latex tubes. Cranks will have 26x36x48 chainwheels and cassette will be 11x34. Shimano pedals, Revelate Designs Tangle bag, Revelate designs Gas tank, Dinotte and Princeton Tec lights. Carborocket and Honeystinger nutrition and also Platypus softbottles for backup. Luxy bars will get Cinelli gel pads for added comfort. Clothing will be mostly wool as in wool knickers by Ibex, wool undershirt, wool jersey. Craft windwest, cannodale rain jacket and wool socks. Pedals and shoes probabley Shimano. Chain lube will be dry lube if dry and wet lube if miserable.

The Great Western Trail is fully open and possible on a fixed gear outfitted with 700x23 tires at 110 p.s.i.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver have been busy while you snooze your alarm in the morning. They are constructing the hugest Dam known to mankind and are planning on flooding and regaining Dekalb County to the wilderness once more. Move to higher grounds while you can.

My smarty 8 year old told me that her Pucci Purse was warmer than any of my fancy Mountaineering hats. Much to my disbelief she was proven right and the Slender Fungus will be riding these as hats next year.

On my day off I had the goal of finishing a bottle of Jack Daniel's. I had the luck to watch the highly sofisticated and intelligent movie Talladega Nights and while watching the movie Jack hit me square on and I was out. I awoke to the cold drink dripping on my t-shirt. This is what I havc to do to calm my pre-t.I. jitters. Now if I could only not get sick and if the conditions would remain dry and it wouldn't be windy, or too hilly and not get a bad boil I think I would be able to finish. If I don't finish the wife told me not to come back home as I will enter old age and become intolerable. I hate bikes, I hate riding, and commuting by bike is totally gay. If I don't finish I am trading the Pantani-mobile in for a Camaro and I swear I will riddle this town with donuts and burnouts,




Jay said...

IROC = Italian Retard Out Cruizin.....DO ITTTTTT, we are finishing my brother...this is the year, it is getting done!

Mark B said...

I hope to be able to ride with you guys during our assault of TI. Stay healthy my friends!

Michael Feller said...

I will pray.