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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frostbike 2011 @ Minneapolis Minnesota

Surly awesomeness. Troll and Short trailer. Mindblowing

Surly greats: Johnny (L) and Adam (R)

Eric Sovern one of the tall guys from Surly

(L to R) Jason Boucher from Salsa Cycle, Guitar Ted (master 29er) and Me.
Three very passionate and dedicated Bicycle people

Joe Meiser (Great Divide finisher, Trans Iowa winner) and me talking and sharing ideas for future things. I am really paying attention

The drive up to Minneapolis became shorter since we had already done the route a couple of times already. We had all been looking foward to get away and enjoy some good company, see new things and meet up with some great friends. Believe me that frostbike did not dissapoint. My heart is in that kind of industry and I attended another convention last year and I felt lonely and nobody gave me the time of the day. Almost the whole NCC crew drove up in Moby Dick. Frank, Tobie, Jeff, Chad,Eric, Jay and meself. The drive up was smooth. Stopped for coffee, got to the hotel, got food, got drink, lots of drink, hot tubs, Sauna, Pool, T.V. and a whole lot of joking around. We basically went nuts.
At the expo I met up with great friends Guitar Ted, Marty Larson from Prairie Peddler, Also met good friend from Surly Dave Gray, Man behind the Pugsley, the most incredible bike of all time. I cannot believe how much I like being there in that invironment. I live and breath that crap. Hanging out with the crew was great. We visited shops: Angry Catfish, The Alt, Penn Cycle, Cars r Coffins, Flanders. Drank lots of coffee and even more whiskey.
We saw awesomeness from Surly, Salsa Cycles, All City, Ridley, Civia, Tires from Challenge, WTB, Panaracer, Michelin, Hutchinson. Saw great stuff from Cateye The hive, and I just kept going back to Surly and Salsa. Michelin hosted a great Get together as did Peacock Groove, Handsome Cycles at this warehouse. Maybe slept a total of 9 hours in 5 days. Now we are back, full of crazy ideas and ready to rock this 2011 season. Come visit us and put that car away and start riding.!!

I will upload a flickr set soon so you can slideshow all the images.

Thanks to NCC, Surly, QBP, My wife, Giugi and to all the great friends out there for such a great experience!!!


Slender Fungus Cycling Assoc.


Jay said...

good times brother

SFAC Adjunct

- Jay

Anonymous said...

after the time I just spent on this blog and Marks, it's safe to say you two talk about bikes more than riding them, experts on typing maybe, riding and finishing events, doubtful...bad form.