Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


These are in the store, built, ready to roll and just waiting for you to get your paws on them. They also take maxxis hookworms 26x2.5 and I can also build special 29er wheels for them. Three freaky bikes in one. Its not a snow bike. It's an everything bike that you can ride all year round. Come in and check them out.



Charlie Farrow said...

Here at the DBD, we are re-working some of our by-laws. Does the Slender Fungus have an official stance on cannibalism? For example can one cannibalize if the cannibaliee is still breathing? This came up at last year's Arrowhead, so we want to make the rules more specific?
Best regards,
PS Love the white Pugs!!! Mine is gun-metal gray

Chris said...

Question for you about rims for fat tire bikes like the pugsley. I've read alot about Vicious Sheba rims are not made well, what are your thoughts on that and the your thoughts of Surly Large Marge vs Vicious Shebas. I am building a snow bike and the cost between the two is a lot.