Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Great Trans Iowa Version #7 , April 2011

The stress of the registration if finally over and I can again start to regain my regular thinking. I pondered for a long while whether I was going to make the roster and I was only convinced of it when I saw my long name on the coveted list. My other comrades also made the list and also along the way we picked up a very talented rookie by the name of Jay. Without further hesitation here is the list representing Illinois and New York by no particular order

Dr. Giggles (Syracuse N.Y. )
Ari (Sycamore, IL)
Hellmut (Sycamore, IL)
Pizza Dan (Chicago, IL)
Jay (Springfield, IL)

Our support and logistics manager will be Chichard, also known to the regular world as Richard.
Giggles was swift to take advantage of booking the rooms already and for now we must concentrate on riding all winter, suffering the cold and wet and snow. I think the group stands a good chance of seeing finishes if the weather can cooperate. You see when the gravel gets a little rain it tends to be ok, instead last year in Grinnell we got a lot of rain and most of the gravel we rode on is known as river gravel which tends to loosen up quicker than the limestone variety.
There will be different strategies in place, such as less weight on bikes, complete elimination of disc brakes and some of us will make changes in nutrition. Hellmut and I will be training on Pugsleys during the winter time. Jay, living in Springfield will hopefully escape some of the jeststream crap that we get up north.
So without much more for now I bid my fellow team mates good luck in getting ready. Keep rolling as much as possible.

Going for a ride,



Jay said...

What happened with the crash??

Ari said...

We were going south on Crego and I took a flying turn on Gurler and lost the front wheel. I forgot I was on the road bike. Knee is still swollen. Hurts when I lay around the house but loosens up with time on the bike.