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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Post Revised

So these are my friend Pizza Dan's Tektro brakes. This is how they came out of the B road. He proceeded to open them and scoop all the mud out, gave them a water bottle flush and went on to continue riding.

Out of the same B road my brakes seized up, I was not able to clean them and within less than 40 miles the grit had eaten up my pads. I had no brakes at all. I went to the race with this bike built from scratch and after 40 miles my bike sucked. That is the reason that for this application I believe the good old Cantilevers are the way to go.

Gus Peters and I exiting a super-muddy B-road. Disc Brakes= No good.

In the winter there is no snow, in the spring there is mud.

If any of you have heard the T.J. inspired velobeats you will know that the lyrics above are incorrect. All I know is that the thick of winter is over and that is why I have been enjoying my fixed gear bike. Mud will come and the hose will be a daily routine. Trans Iowa is also nearing and this is the one for me. Keep up the miles and stay away from the sweets.



tman said...

Muddy road...disc brakes no good?

Ari said...

tman I will find a photo so you can see what the brakes look like. In severe cases of mud the best brake to have is a wide opening cantilever brake like the old Mafacs or modern Paul component brakes.
Will find the photo to post.

Eric said...

Thanks for the VELO BEATS reference!

Somewhat unrelated, but Balkan Beat Box is coming to The Metro in Chicago and Tyler and I are totally going to see them play.