Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Couple more shots from the Mountains

Service Department At Syracuse Bicycle (SB)

Nice view when I take the south route to work. This gives me an 11 mile commute one way with 600' of climbing.

Hello everyone. Things starting to settle here. Yesterday I sent out my postcard with UPS and today it arrived in Iowa. I hope to see my name on the roster tomorrow and to make the trek out to Iowa in April. The shop has been going awesome and I truly love my co-workers. They are helping us out a ton with getting to know the area, where to go food shopping, where to find firewood, and a bunch of other stuff. The wife is having some luck with getting some callbacks from job searches. The younger kids are getting used to school and liking their peers. I have been commuting to work every day and getting in about 150 miles a week solid. We look foward to riding all winter with Dr. Giggles, getting some snow shoeing in, riding the Pugsley, maybe try some cross country skiing.
So far, so good,




Anonymous said...

Great news Ari...Plus I just saw your name of the TI roster...I was filled with joy!!!!

Bill G said...


I am the crazy guy that bought Eki's 1x1 - please keep me posted on any winter training rides as I am just a short jaunt down the road in Buffalo - would love to hook up with you guys for some TI V8 Training this winter!

Had no idea you relocated to the Cuse! Welcome to WNY

Anonymous said...

Thanks for te update, Ari! I'm glad to know that everything is working out for you, Jamie, and the kids. All the best to all. You guys are greatly missed here! Happy holidays!