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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Salsa Cycles Selma Titanium

Ovalized Downtube for an efficient drivetrain

Internal Bearings for a larger diameter headtube thus a larger downtube possible since
there is more surface to weld on .

Selma Ti with alternator dropouts. Set up single speed but possible to run 1x9or10 with different dropouts.

Race face Turbine, White Industries hubs, Blunt rims, Misc stem bar, Stem

Gave up on the idea of running my surly 1x1 with 29er wheels and opted for this great frame.
Been riding it a couple of days and will trim the steerer tonight to finish it up. Ride quality is spectacular and weight wise around 21 lbs with a bunch of used heavy stuff. Frame size is XL

Selma Ti 29er Xl



Bill G said...

Ari - we spoke at TI dinner and you mentioned 1x1 as a 29'er. No luck or you just wanted a different frame?

If it is not possible then I will look elsewhere as well - just wondering your thoughts.


Ari said...

The Surly 1x1 works but it does not have enough clearance for tires bigger than 1.8 (29er) and also since it is designed for 26" wheels the B.B sits very high up. It really is worth just getting a 29er frame. The Karate Monkey is another good option.

Mark B said...