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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Wolfy 100 does not dissapoint

Mark B., our weekend champion with back to back centuries

It was very hot so we lost lots of electrolytes and salt

West Brooklyn, Il. not New York

Corn drying device

B.B getting burnt by the sun

WE did find some hills and a lot of wind

Our lead cartographer running a brand new Black Mountain Cycles Cross bike.

Taking a break early on

A nice section that we really enjoyed

WE met at 8:00 and rolled out, all 4 of us. It did not surprise us that nobody else showed up since the number 100 keeps them away. The weather was cool in the morning and the weather started to warm up quickly. We had a slight wind in the early morning and then it quickly picked up from the south to a full rage South wind of 30 plus mph. We rode out to Compton, West Brooklyn and finally Amboy. Then we headed north and then started heading back east. We had long streches of bad side wind and the heat started to cook us. I used some elete stuff that Mark gave me and never cramped the whole day. We had no mechanicals except for a lost cleat screw.
The riding was really good, the route was excellent, the scenery was awesome and the fact that we had a tornado watch on our asses kept us motivated. The Slender Fungus will be hosting other long rides and as always we won't make a big deal out of them. We will just post and ride. Everyone is always welcome to ride, it doesn't cost anything and you are on your own. Finished the day with 110 miles.


Ari and the gang.


Richard said...

Wolfmother cometh!

Jeremy Kershaw said...

Someday, Ari, the DBD will drop down and take part in one of your rides. It looks great.

Ari said...

@ Chichard, thanks for doing the route and having food for the end. It was a great event.

@ Jeremy, I am just hoping to be in closer contact with the DBD. You guys are a great bunch.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ari: When the DBD comes to town please lock up all the fair maidens lest problems arise with the locals...bravo and great effort...110 miles is a solid training effort in anticipation of the DK 200.
Wish I be there with you and Jay

Ari said...

@ Charlie
I am reading a book on the ascent of Sir Mallory. That will inspire me while I roll through the countryside of Kansas.