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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Grinder

Today was one of those days that I just want to forget. I had a really long day yesterday and woke up today with the thought of riding 52 miles into work. Car driving was not an option because there was no working car available. I bundled up for the brisk 33 degree morning and set out to make it to work. My mind was too blurry to remember water or food so I rode until I bonked like crazy. I stopped at the grocery store and bought some food and then ate a huge apple while riding the rest of the way. It took me a long time to recover and the ride home was a lot better. Food, water, fruit, beer and some cakes were the ticket. I bundled up again at 6 pm and headed out to the vast cornfields of where I live. Riding at night is dangerous only because of asshole drivers. Remove all cars from roads at night and there is no reason not to ride. Being in Fermi at night is safe, riding the fox river trail at night is safe, riding the GREAt western at night is safe. Riding on Warrenville road at night is a fuckin' nighmare on two wheels. I truly despise cars with all my heart. I hate having to drive my car and I hope one day to rid myself of the 4 wheeled beast and live riding, working and shopping with my bike. Until that happens I will continue to hate cars and the assholes that drive them. And no, when you buy that Rolls saddle you cannot return it. You cannot return that 105 front derailleur after using it either.
Sunday 90 miles
Monday 85 miles
Tuesday 85 miles
Wednesday 85 miles
thursday OFF
Friday 85 miles
Total 430 miles
Sunrise on Old State rd. Sycamore, IL
Fabyan Parkway bridge over Fox River
The Campana factory which I alway fantasize as being the Campagnolo factory where I can find Vittorio, Giusseppe, Pietro, Danilo and Company fabricating awesome Campy bling.
Maybe it is a secret Campagnolo factory?????

Keep riding till your butt hurts you a lot, then kick it up a gear and hurt more.
Advice from Dave Smith.

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strangelife said...

We should investigate this Campana factory. It is indeed suspicious.