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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

post midnight post

After leaving the house this morning I have finally arrived at 12:15 to the house. I guess I am beat, but I still have some energy to crack a beer and post some thoughts. I cannot believe in the cost of operating my car. I really hate to drive and basically I have narrowed my commutes to the shop to Friday and Saturday. I am trying to ride monday,tuesday and wundsday. This gives me about 312miles of riding and it saves me about 50 bucks. At over 325 a gallon driving is idiotic. I remember filling the old civic with about 10 and driving all week. It is the continious up in the prices that makes me feel that not only am I not catching up but that slowly I am sinking.
We have cut a lot of unnecessary expenses away to stay afloat. Debt just helps to sink you in the sand. Kinda like the cement shoes of the good old days. So without much more to say about this get rid of debt, throw shit out and ride your damn bike as much as possible.
The shop has been doing really well lately. I am happy with the progress and we have been able to communicate a bit better. I realize that when someone does something wrong, they have to be told. It is the only way to improve. Some crap 08 bikes are starting to trickle in.
Wow! How fuckin' amazing!
Flandria Velosport is slowly moving foward. Working more and more on the site and just waiting for dem customers to come on by.
We are in the works to attend the Fair in Boone County, Il with the crew. If you are reading this start planning.
Matrix is riding a Cannondale, Pete the Meat is on a caad 9, boner is on a Cannondale. Unless you do real carbon, like Pinheadarello or Cunego forget about throwing your hard earned bananas on a cheap carbon bike. Stay away from Cheap carbon components. They break and you get splinters in your ass.
Cameo cream of choice continues to be the Assos Cream
Elite has good products for embrocation, shower gels
King Keyser has put out a jersey,bib short; we have not. Shame.
Riding alone a lot.
No Cars Go,

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monk3y mike said...

Amen. I wish I could eliminate the car. But with four kids and a wife finishing up her degree, I'm relegated to be the bike commuter. Only 15 miles per day on the commute, but that by not paying parking lot costs, I save about $40 per week.

Good luck!