Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monsoons in July

Got a real taste of riding the great western trail when its wet. I have destroyed my bike and at this point it is not going to change. For the type of riding that I am doing I think a sturdy steel frame is the ticket. I rode through the swamp this morning and had to dismount several times to get over the fallen trees. Yesterday Dekalb received 4 inches of water and today it rained/stormed again. The corn is almost 6 feet high when it should be knee high at this point. Had an inspiring ride home today. Headwind, cool after storm temperatures, sunshine, gravel and digital music, mainly Arcade Fire. Pictures are my Waterfor built Heron on the GWT, then the gravel road which is part of Old State Road. Come out and ride with me.
I guarantee a smile on your face.

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