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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Trans Iowa weekend

After a finish all Special K wanted was Ice. 

Bonk King Volunteering. Rock Solid. 
Special K and Ari 
Thank you for stopping by here. Last couple of weeks have been hectic as one can imagine so I was glad to hit this keyboard for a little while. 
Yesterday, as every year at the last weekend of April, I awoke naturally at dark thirty. I went outside and smelled a cold breeze and frigid drizzle that was quietly falling. I thought to myself that in years past I would be lining up soon. How is that possible? I years past I would be making last minute preparations to take the short ride into town to line up at Bikes To You in Grinell for another attempt at the Trans Iowa. 
Instead I stood in the dark, outside on my deck in the most complete silence I could ever imagine. Nothing was moving, no birds awake yet. The hum of the nearby expressway completely silent. The nearby train tracks silent and cold. 
I saw my breath and started to feel my  bare feet go numb. That was nothing compared to what we had experienced in years past. I have learned a lot from Trans Iowa. I have learned to be patient, to wait, to keep pushing despite severe adversity. I have learned how important people are, how important family is. 
I feel blessed and am thankful to have been part of that era. I am thankful for the lifelong memories, the changes in perpective. There is a lot more that words and my poor writing skills cannot get out right now. I want to thank Trans Iowa for all you have done. Your memory will live forever. 
thanks for reading, 
Dr. Giggles 

Start of Trans Iowa 

Constantine Peters. A fellow Greek Gravel racer. 

TIv6, l-r Pizza Dan, Ari , Hellmutt, dr. Giggles 

cleaning bikes afeter B road

Cookie and Bald Eagle. 

Dr. Giggles with Fargo Gen 1 

Dr Giggle, Ari , Cookie, Gumby

Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross 

Cold blustery day . 

G.T. Ari and Charlie Farrow. 

Cookie and Jeremy Kershaw finishing TI

Ari Cookie TJ Gumby Giggles 

Grinnell Steakhouse. 
Gunnar Crosshairs, my first Trans Iowa bike V4 
Dr. Giggles and Bonk King. 

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