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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sunday Races and Monday Commute

Monday commute

Campton preserve area

Night riding, thanks for the jersey Tobie

Zee Cockpit of the Ira Ryan

Smooth rolling King Hubs and Vittoria Tires

Flatandian Jason M.

Brian chasing

Tobie: Organizer, Racer, Manager, Chop Owner

I have good Latte Skills, thanks to my Dear Wife

The Flintstone Brothers getting in each other way.

The races in Dekalb, Hosted by North Central Cyclery and Half Acre Cycling Club were a hit. The course was laid out perfectly and it offered lots of grass tracks, many turns, a good twister dismount, off camber section and a really burning uphill section. The riders were also able to flush out lactic acid and try to catch each other on a short paved section.

Tobie worked and stressed a lot to make things happen. He was there at 5:30 a.m. to start the festivities. I was amazed at how the 4a's and 4b's had huge fields. It was so different from when I raced cross in the early nineties. I hope the sport keeps growing.

It was grand not having to work and being able to see friends that I had not seen in a long time. Cross racing is so friendly and people are a lot more laid back.

The amount of nice bikes was also a treat. We saw Ridleys, Sevens, Surlys, Voodoos, Ritcheys, Treks, Fujis, any brand that you could imagine. A good time was had by all. Thanks to the organizers and all whom attended the race. Good Job!!

On Monday, yours truly rode into work to see where the healing body is at. I had the impossible headwind all the way to work. I fought and fought and 4 hours later I was at work. My knees felt like plastic bags filled with Sand. The return home was a lot better but I was really toast. I was able to dislodge some more rubbery phlem (spelling??, English not my mother language) from my lungs. I don't think I am 100 % yet. I rode 104 miles and the mind was cleared.

Our shop has been STILL busy and stressing me out. We are still selling bikes and taking tons of repairs in. We have people wanting more and more commuter stuff all the time. I think the economy and the price of gas has really hurt the american citizen and he and she are starting to rethink things over.

For 2009 I see an increase in sales in clothing, accesories, lights, and more repairs. I see a decline in sales for high end.

Tomorrow is my day off and I plan on riding some.

I hope you can do the same,



bluecolnago said...

cx racing! yes, yes, yes! i also hope it keeps growing. sounds like you guys had a good time!

i agree, i think '09 will be a good year for cycling!

Richard said...

I think it's "phlegm". Solid blog Ari, totally enjoyable read.

Ari said...

Thank you for the correction Richard and thanks for the positive comment. There is a lot to say about cycling and I strive and stess about getting it all out.