Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day off Riding and last night' s monster commute.

My reverse latte, also know as morning black and tan.
Froth milk, pour the liquidy milk first, then add espresso gently, then add froth on top. Enjoy!

All this week has been car-less for the household. There is some sense of peace and quiet and less fumes around the driveway. It is weird. It was a good opportunity to get out of the post Bronchial September and kick in some Meat Grinder style training for Trans Iowa.

Monday rode the Surly Singlespeed: 80 miles

Tuesday rode the Surly Singlespeed: 80 miles

Wednesday Gunnar Crosshairs : 104 miles

Thursay Gunnar Crosshairs 36 miles

Tomorrow I shall saddle up again and attempt another commute to work. Wednesday was a hard ride since I left the shop in complete darkness and had one to many near misses. Some of the manuveurs that I made must of looked funny since I had to completely distort to avoid the metal and plastic of the moving car. I cursed a lot to the dead people that drove the cars. Get buried so you don't have to drive anymore.

I took a way off the beaten route afterwards to stay away from the Zombies. I rode thru Lisle and Naperville like I did a couple of winters ago with Giggles. I then took Iroquois ave to Washington st. Took the sidewalk all the way to Warrenvill rd then snuck through Fermi Lab at night. I had some slippery moments on the Fox river trail since it was dusted with wet , slimy leaves. I also had my front wheel ride in a long crevass til I got angry and pulled it out to save my ass.
The Great Western Trail by then was saturated and the last 20 miles of my ride were the hardest. I loaded up on Caffeine at the 'Bucks and chopped away at the mileage. I listened to The Wedding Present and churned my chain and limestone away. All of a sudden I had the light behind me and for a moment I thought a car was on the trail. I was mistaken. It turned out to be the Full moon breaking through the clouds and lighting up the fields.
I was happy to be home. The hot shower was a luxury, so where the dry clothes, the warm food and the meaty glass of wine.
Todays ride consisted of discovery of a new road in Dekalb called Twombley. I also found some small singletrack in the woods at hopkins park which will be key in the winter.
Tomorrow more riding in the forecast along with cold temps and cold water called rain. Noel if you are out there come over for malted beverages, Mr and Mrs Giggles same, B-Dog show face.