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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Gravel Grinder Sunday---Rando #1 Sunday 23,2007

Long overdue post. Reason is that my laptop blew up and I was trying to get it to come to life again. It is not going to happen. In the meantime I will be saving some dough to buy a new one. Kinda like lost one of my limbs because I was very used to it and it worked very well until it died on me.
I have been riding a LOT. Jamie started at NIU and is working and toting Giugi around so my car used has been limited to Saturdays. AT first I was kinda happy about it because I could saturate riding. Right now I am tired but still feeling great. I have been riding around 400 miles per week and that is really getting me in shape. I have noticed the difference in endurance and the lost of weight meens going uphills a bit easier. The last couple of days I have been riding the Quickbeam singlespeed turning a 42x16. It gives me a top speed of under 20mph and it is not hard to ride into the wind. I have zip tied a basket and throw a duffle bag inthere and away I go. I can no longer tolerate having a messenger bag or backpack. Photos of Quickbeam will be posted soon.
This past Sunday was the official Rando #1. Dr Giggles and I rolled out of Sycamore and rode out to Oregon, IL and back. Our total mileage was 85 miles. WE rode mostly on Gravel for about 60 miles and the rest was on pavement. Lots of rolers specially on the way back. We had a tailwind going weset and then a headwind on the way home. It was extremely sunny and warm and the sun was bitey. We ran out of water with about an hour to go.
I was on my bianch cross bike and Dr. Giggles on a merlin with Vittoria Randonneur tires in 700x28c. I ran Ritchey speedmax at 700x35c. I also broke two spokes on some junk wheels I was running.
A truly phonemal ride, with great topography, weather conditions and a good riding partner. Must hit the sack because I'm riding to work tomorrow again.

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that grinder sounds like fun!