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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Never say never

Today we finally got out with the crew and cleaned out the carburators. Man did that feel good. It was warm,sunny and my legs felt good despite a brutal beating at the shop and restaurant on Saturday. I managed to break a spoke on my rear wheel on mile 4 and I just remembered how the pros were able to ride such a wheel for miles on end. I must admit that I don't like most prebuilt wheels. My 32 holer with a mavic mach2cd2 was a generous donation from Pete. Even though one of the 32 spokes broke, the 31 remaining were able to get the job done. Got in the 100k that I wanted.
I have been cleaning house with old crappy bikes and I am pretty convinced that I will not be buying any more bikes any time soon. I was checking out the Kalavinkas from Japan and I don't know if there is a more handsome track bike than this fine example from Tokio. The frames are carefully made by hand and painted beautiful colors that examplify the taste for style that eminates from Japan. I really lust for such a track bike. Fortunately Kalavinkas are really backed up in production and they are no longer taking orders till they catch up. Carbon is dying, carbon is dying a slow death. Steel will be the new material and all the rage in the coming years. Check and see that most STEEL manufacturers are backed up for months. Rivendell at one point was running 24 months, Vanilla Cycles is over 2 years, Ira Ryan is running over 4 months, etc, etc.
I rode my Legnano SLX today and really enjoyed this fine machine. It climbed, accelarated and kept me comfy for the whole ride,despite the busted rear wheel. I got home and brought the bike in the apartment and looked at it with admiration.
I really doubt I will ever give up steel. Now will I wait for that waiting list for the Kalavinkas to emerge again. YOu bet!
go ride, the winter is over.

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strangelife said...

A long spin that knocked the shit outta me for two days. Winter is indeed fini. Good riddance. I need more from winter than a lot of beer and photos of sunny places I could be riding.