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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When is the fall coming??

See when you are old skool cylist there are some things that must be explained. In the old days we craved to have any info as to what was happening in the competitive world of cycling. We were shut off to the world. We waited for months to see who won what. Our only sources of info were Velo News and winning magazine. I am a huge fan of Cross. There is no other sport that I love as much as I do Cross. At most I got some bad photos and a little write up of the more important races and the worlds. This winter I have indulged in watching some complete races right here on my lappie. I truly have been spoiled. Following closely with cyclingnews and some other belgian news agencies. I speak german, a bit of french and english so I have been slowly deciphering the Flemish. At this point I am interested in learning some flemish because I want to go to Belgium next year. At night I have put a 6 pack of cold Stellas on the table and watched each video over and over again.
The season is over and at the worlds we triple medaled with Jonathan Page taking the silver, along with a silver in the juniors and womens.
What more could you ask for? Cyclocross in America is healthy and carrying a lot of progress and weight. Belgium is the size of Delaware and I will be bold in saying this. Watch out because we are going for gold next time!!
Sven,ERwin, Bart, Lars, Richard Groenendal are incredible riders. Watch the future elite stars develop::::: Lars Boom and Niels Albert.
I can't wait till fall.


bluecolnago said...

i once had about 30 consecutive issues of "winning" from the mid 80s. great magazine. my wife cleaned up a couple of years ago and threw them all away. sooooooo sad!

ride safe!

peace out, yo!

Ari said...

Blue, sorry to say but those are collector items now. I have thrown out a lot of stuff and really regreted it. I sometimes wonder whether it would be cool to rent a secret storage space for old bike stuff.
Hope you are enjoying the Cannondale x bike.

strangelife said...

Cyclocross is super fierce. Great season of racing. The videos have consecutive watchability. Falls a long way off. The GREAT spring classics are almost here..