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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, December 9, 2006

December 9th, 2006

I took the image above specifically for BlueColnago. The build of the bike went o.k. I must point out that the bearings in the headset just sit in the frame. So whoever builds this puppy please put copious grease in there. I was missing the Cannondale specific ferrules for the rear brake and that is why they look so loopy. Wheels were good and true, Mechanical Avids were tedious to set up but came out nice. Shifter was dead on with the sti and 105 rear. Bike looks tough and clean. I did oil all cables with Boeshields T9. Lots of controversy about oiling cables. My pal Miroslav and and I have been wrenching for 20 years. You live in Chicago or the midwest Oil your cables.
Carbon seatpost, no pedals, comfy gelly tape and good gooseneck and bars. I don't know about running the sissy cross levers with the discs. Feels like they screw up the action on the discs. The avids also have a 2.5mm allen bolt where you can increase the tension on the return spring. Buy this bike if you want a go everywhere bike. Paint is flat matte black and the decals are somehow clearcoated.
Tomorrow we get a warmup and will do a roadride on fixies, singles and whatever. Can't ride the woods according to Dr. Roe. because it is a skating rink. Pal Tomas took a good spill on the Ice and I guess he was sporting some Nok's . Can't get our
70's inferno disco star on the tree to work. Changes the bulbs to no avail. Might have to hunt for a new one. Met a good mtb'er today. Runs a Bianchi SASS with a boingy fork. Might hook up to do some track with him. Anybody outthere with any word On transiowa v3????
I'm out and


Chris said...

Nice build Ari.

bluecolnago said...

thanks for the pic and the description, ari. i can hardly wait!

gotta ride!

peace out, yo!