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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, Sunday September 2nd 2012, Iowa mission #1

 the wife aboard her brand new Spacehorse
 The Bonk King aboard his Salsa Cycles
Cookie picked up a pooch to pace him up the hill 
 This type of riding opens your mind and soul
 Taking breaks on hot days is a cool idea.

The gravel was extra dry with sandy bowls everywhere. 

Check out the wispy stuff growing on the right of the photo. I love those hills.

sizing the spacehorse is a nightmare. go by toptube length. In the wife's case she is on a 46cm. It comes with a 52 top tube. Bike built with gold fusion rims, xtr front, 105 rear hub. 8spd dura ace sti. spooky brakes, compact crank with 34x46. no name post, saddle, hbar and stem. Cane creek headset. Spd pedals. First ride on bike did 100kms.

 Space horse resting. Nice bike, rode great with the Kenda Happy Mediums in 700x40

Thanks to all of you guys for coming out. It was a great day on the bike. Iowa Rocks!!

Well deserved nap on Labor day.

This is the reason the Slender Fungus loves to travel to the remote parts of Iowa. check out that beautiful ribbon of Gravel just following the contour of the earth. We feel fortunate to traverse that road on our delicate machines and experience that land. We roll up and down in a never ending curiosity of what is coming next. I feel like we could have ridden forever.

This past sunday the Slender Fungus got together in a undisclosed area of Iowa and had a fantastic ride. Cookie and Bonk-King drove from Huntley and the wife and I drove from the westmont area. We met up at 10 am sharp in a secret park under some cottonwood trees. We assemble ourselves and we rode off with no maps, an I-phone with no coverage and just a good sense of direction and also knowing that the winde was howling straight out of the east. We started to discover beautiful gravel roads with fantastic vistas and amazing rolling hills. For a moment Cookie and I thought we were in Trans Iowa. We quickly realized the month was september and the hot sun would be an anomaly in T.I. Jay was running his wisconsin made Gunnar while the Bonk-king rode the mustard Salsa Casseroll, I was on the Black mountain cycles and wifey was aboard a never before ridden Spacehorse or is it Space Whore??? The morning clouds and remnants of the tropical storm brought inmense amounts of humid air and as the day went by the clouds opened, the scorching sun came out and we baked, yes we baked like bacon. The riding was beyond belief and we were happy to have rolled together covering 100kms or otherwise known a Metric. We quietly changed clothing and found a rocking pizzeria were we quenched our dry throats with beer and some delicious Pizza. We talked and listened to music while we drove Cookie home and the roads out in the country were all ours. It was a fantastic day and I hope next time we go you can join us. We also had the pleasure to meet up with one of the founding father of the Slender Fungus as in Hellmutt. He was in from our satellite operations base of Naples Florida. Lots of photos I hope you enjoy.

make it nice, Ari


Jay said...

see you soon for some secret SS training, great day....had a smile on my face the whole day. My heart came alive out there. I hope your boner subsided when you got back to IL

Anonymous said...

The ride on Sunday was the best. Just what I needed. Great Iowa miles with good friends and no bullshit. Thanks for a great ride! Let me know the date of the next SFCA road trip.

Anonymous said...

Space Horse!!!!!! You getting one???


Ari said...

@ Bonk King. That was a special day that I will cherish for a long time. We will for sure do that again
@ B.K.
The wife got the Space Horse since they will not have any in my size until December or next year. She is really liking that bike. Tell D.B to order one up.

Ari said...

Still thinking of the next escape and how we can coordinate the trip. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Franziska said...

cool Space Whore™! it looks great! i bet it would be great on Turbo Tuesdays.™ we are doing lots of end of summer riding here and just getting ready for fat season by riding as much as we can and eating veggies till we cant eat veggies no more. See y'all Slender Fungi™ soon!

Make It Nice™


Dr. Giggles said...

Looks like you guys were having way too much fun riding the Iowa gravel. Oh, the horror! Heading down to Morgan Hill and Taylor Valley this weekend. Miss you.